Warcraft: Legion Dungeon Guides

Neltharion’s Lair (98-110)


Ularogg Cragshaper


  • Stunlock and kill drogbar adds ASAP before reaching boss.
  • Don’t stand in pools (Toxic Retch).
  • Players targeted by Spiked Tongue should run away from boss (Currently bugged in Beta and all players should run away).
  • Boss enrages in Frenzy at 20%, save defensive CDs.

Dargrul the Underking

  • Tank boss with back against wall (knockback).
  • Chain stunlock Molten Charskin add and kill ASAP.
  • Hide behind spikes during Magma Wave.
  • Tank use CDs during Molten Crash.


Darkheart Thicket (98-110)

Arch-Druid Glaidalis

  • Tank facing a wall (Primal Rampage).
  • Healer top off players debuffed by Grievous Tear.
  • Move out of red pools.



  • Don’t get pushed back into eggs during Down Draft.
  • Breath of Corruption – strafe away from front of boss.
  • Earthshattering Roar – move out of ground AOE.

Shade of Xavius


Halls of Valor (98-110)



  • Start with boss next to one NPC. Let the knockback from Shield of Light toss you to the other NPC. This will manage empowerment stacks.
  • If affected by Expel Light debuff, move away from group.
  • Move under shield during Eye of the Storm.
  • Dodge orbs of light during Sanctify.


  • Ravenous Leap: move away from group.
  • Scent of Blood: run away from boss.
  • Melee stack on Tank to share Claw Frenzy damage.
  • Rush to next boss position during phase change to reduce amount of health he heals.

God-King Skovald



Eye of Azshara (98-110)

Warlord Parjesh

  • DPS focus boss, no cleave.
  • Use adds to soak Impaling Spear (kills add)… If player gets hit, needs healing or CD.

Lady Hatecoil


  • Clear trash around boss.
  • Submerge at 66% and 33%. Tank should stay with boss to avoid Rampage.
  • Kill Red Snake first, then Purple Snake.
  • DPS single target burn snake adds spawned after Submerge.
  • Toxic Wound debuff –  run pools away from group.
  • Stay downwind during Violent Winds to easily dodge Poison Spit.

King Deepbeard

Wrath of Azshara

  • Bring Arcane Bombs out of group before dispelling or falling off.
  • Dodge waves and swirls on ground.
  • Dodge Mystic Tornado.
  • Move out of Massive Deluge.
  • [Heroic] Stack on player with Crushing Depths debuff.


Assault on Violet Hold (105-110)


  • Tank face away from group and move away when he casts Congealing Vomit.
  • Kill Congealed Goo ASAP.
  • Tank move boss to Congealed Goo that’s been killed (Recongealing) so it consumes it.


  • Don’t stand in front or behind boss.
  • Break players from Ice Bomb ASAP (use stairs to avoid).
  • Healer Dispell Frost Breath from Tank.
  • Wing Buffet knocks back Tank (back to wall).

Blood-Princess Thal’ena

  • When Essence debuff wears off, player must infect another player quickly.
  • Tank move boss out of blood pool when casting Blood Swarm.

Mindflayer Kaahrj

  • Dodge Shadow Crash.
  • Kill Faceless Tendrils ASAP.
  • Healer dispel Hysteria.

Milificent Manastorm

  • Disarm Bombs.
  • Kill Rocket Chickens ASAP.


  • Kill Spitting Scarabs ASAP.
  • Move away from group if targeted by Impale.
  • Tank dodge Impale.


  • If targeted with Creeping Slaughter, quickly face the spider to stop it from moving.

Fel Lord Betrug

  • Move away from group if targeted with Fel Slash.
  • Quickly free player being executed.
  • [Heroic] Seed of Destruction – spread away from group, dodge waves.


Black Rook Hold (110)

The Amalgam of Souls

  • Soul Echoes debuff – move away from group.
  • Swirling Scythe / Glaive Toss – move to edge of room, away from group.
  • Tank dodge Reap Soul.
  • [Heroic] – kill Restless Soul adds before they reach the boss.

Illysanna Ravencrest

  • Spread to avoid Brutal Glaive.
  • Dark Rush – affected players stack at edge of room, then run out of fire.
  • Interrupt Risen Arcanists’ Arcane Blitz.
  • Tank avoid Bonecrushing Spike from Risen Vanguards.

Smashpite the Hateful

  • If targeted with green beam, run to side. Will drop line of bad. Move out of group.
  • Tank use active mitigation often.

Lord Kur’talos Ravencrest

  • Use circular movement to avoid Dark Obliteration after Dreadlord’s Guile split.
  • Dodge gas clouds, as they will put you to sleep.
  • Healer dispel Cloud of Hypnosis.
  • Tank use CD on Unerring Shear.


Maw of Souls (110)

Ymiron, the Fallen King

  • Dodge essences.
  • Watch for knockback from Winds of Northrend.
  • Screams of the Dead – run away.
  • Healer dispel Screams of the Dead.
  • Tank use CD for Dark Slash.


  • Kill Shackled Servitor adds ASAP and interrupt their Void Snap.
  • Kill Soul Fragments ASAP.


  • Stay spread. Healer dispel Taint of the Sea.
  • Kill tentacles: Destructor > Grasping.
  • Dodge Piercing Tentacle.
  • Dodge swirls on ground.
  • Tank always stay in range of Destructor Tentacles and Helya.


The Arcway (110)


  • Interrupt Overcharge Mana.
  • Nether Link: Move away from group and stack.
  • Volatile Magic: Move away from group.


  • Dodge swirls on ground.
  • Suppression Protocol – Move away from group.
  • Click Crystal to break ally out of Quarantine.
  • Cleansing Force – Run away from boss.


  • Tangled Web – If tethered, run away from each other.
  • Avoid pools on ground.
  • Blink Strike – Move away from boss as he teleports.

General Xakal

  • Dodge Strike.
  • Don’t get knocked back into Fissures.
  • Avoid purple swirls.

Advisor Vandros

  • Interrupt Accelerating Blast.
  • Kill Timeless Wraiths ASAP.
  • Run straight through Force Nova.
  • Avoid floating spike bombs.


Vault of the Wardens (110)

Tirathon Saltheril

  • Tank use active mitigation for Darkstrikes.
  • Dodge Fel Mortar swirls.
  • Avoid green chain which moves around room.

Inquisitor Tormentorum

  • Interrupt Sap Soul.
  • Kill adds ASAP.


  • Kill adds.
  • Avoid lava.


  • Dodge Pulses.
  • During Radiation, turn lenses to direct beam to hit boss.

Cordana Felsong

  • Let Tank hold Elune’s Light.
  • Tank should run over frost to remove it.
  • Tank should run to origin of green throws to reveal add.
  • Kill the add next to the boss to remove shield.

Court of Stars (110)

Note: This dungeon is unlocked via the Suramar main quest line.

Patrol Captain Gerdo

  • Arcane Lockdown debuff – Jump to remove.
  • Signal Beacon – kill adds ASAP.
  • Flask of Solemn Night – use defensive CDs.

Talixae Flamewreath

  • Avoid Infernal Eruption pools.
  • Withering Soul – interrupt or dispel if missed.
  • Burning Intensity – does more damage as fight goes on.

Advisor Melandrus

  • Blade Surge – spread out.
  • Dodge images casting Piercing Gale.
  • Slicing Maelstrom – does more damage as fight goes on.


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