Warcraft: #ConvertToMoose Finishes at 200+

I’d like to preface this post with a “thank you” to the rest of my Convert To Mythic raid team and the handful of folks who helped fill in to help along the way. What started as an idea to help get a few Convert to Raid guild folks their Moose mounts turned into a much larger weekly event centered around getting together as a team and helping over 200 members take down Heroic Archimonde and acquire their Grove Warden. A special thanks to Dairies and Pat Krane!

What was #ConvertToMoose?

#ConvertToMoose was the brain child of the folks over on the Convert to Raid podcast. For those who don’t know, Convert to Raid is a podcast which has been around since June 2011. The podcast also has an Alliance guild on Aerie Peak [US], which is actually a handful of guilds linked together with over 5,000 active unique accounts.

These members vary in experience and play style from Mythic raiders to folks who stick with the LFR experience. Given the amount of active players, it was a great opportunity for our raid team, Convert To Mythic, to simply give back to the community. We had just made the decision to stop raiding until Legion, but wanted to stick together as a team – #ConvertToMoose was born.

We decided to meet up every Sunday evening and help CTR members acquire their Moose mounts by killing Heroic Archimonde a handful of times. The demand was beyond what we could have ever expected. In less than two weeks, we had nearly 500 members sign up. So we started at the top of the list and did this nearly every Sunday from November, into February.

Why are you stopping?

I guess the simple answer is – we’re burnt out, haha. In the end, our team and the various folks who helped us each week (shout out to Pryze for being with us every week), helped over 200 Convert to Raid guild members obtain their Moose mounts without ever charging a single gold. This is something I am extremely proud of and I hope the rest of the team and community takes pride in the ability to give back as well.

While we couldn’t get through our extremely long list of signups, we were able to make quite a large dent and hopefully provide some positive experiences to players who otherwise would have been unable to take part. #ConvertToMoose was also featured in a Rogue community spotlight on Ravenholdt; It’s an amazing feeling to do something positive for the community and receive recognition for it – amazing job to everyone who helped along the way.

What’s next?

Well, that’s a great question. Our raid team is going to use the remaining time before Legion to prepare. We’re looking to continue with Mythic progression come Legion, so we’ll be utilizing this time to recruit exceptional players for our roster, do research on the upcoming content and ensure we’re in a great position to be competitive on Aerie Peak. Our team has recently made some structural changes as well. While I’ll be raid leading, Dairies will leading heals and we’ve promoted Tovo to lead ranged DPS and Yeskaj to lead melee DPS. We’re still recruiting Tanks 🙂

So that’s about it, folks. I just wanted to take the time to write something up, communicate how much we’ve enjoyed giving back to the Convert to Raid community and that we’re looking forward to watching the guild, podcast and community itself grow come Legion. We’ll see y’all on the green side!



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  1. Matt says:

    As one of the lucky ones to get the Moose with your help I just want to say, thank you 🙂

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