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  1. LinusPH says:

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  2. AlexPop says:

    Very good review!
    I have some observations on the hardware side, hope you don’t mind:
    Your Galaxy S7 it’s not only “a fairly new phone”, but it’s a really high-end (powerful), fairly new and expensive phone. Don’t forget that only a small percentage of the smartphone owners actually own a high-end/expensive device with a high-end processor inside. Except for the new S8, every other phone in Samsung’s portfolio in 2017 so far is way weaker in terms of power than the S7, so despite them being ‘way newer’, they’re way worse than S7 too, in regards to gaming power.

    And then, I’m not sure what kind of “high end tablet” are you talking about, because there’s none more powerful than your phone. The processor in your S7 – the Snapdragon 820, it’s really the most powerful CPU/GPU you will find in an Android tablet on the market today. So really, that ‘high end tablet’ is going to run the game exactly like your S7. There’s no Spandragon 835 tablet on the market yet and none launching in the near future either (there are barely 3-4 phones with 835 on the market anyway).

    The reality is that except of maybe 10% of the playerbase (I personally think it’s way less than 10%), those playing Crusaders of Light are doing it on way weaker devices than yours. So their experience is literally poor (or they just play on lowest setting). Which is a shame, cause the game looks very good. Also there’s the possibility to play it on a pc via Facebook Gameroom too.

    • Accomp Accomp says:

      Cheers, great feedback about the devices. My hope is that one of two things comes from this – either NetEase uses this as a means of optimizing and figuring out the threshold (I really think it’s just a matter of X units on screen, likely to same issues we came across on weaker PCs/consoles), or other devs will use this to continue to push the technology and implementations. I can’t imagine these are problems we haven’t already solved on other platforms in the past.

      With that said, this game is a huge step in the right direction – but I agree, Team Raids are where CoL shines and sometimes it’s a little difficult to enjoy them. I’m not saying it’s unplayable – but for someone trying to be competitive, it can be pretty rough (reminds me very much of the Diablo 3 competitive scene with Witch Doctors causing party lag and killing everyone at high greater rifts).

  3. HolyYou says:

    Samsung phones are hardly “high end”. My iPhone 7+ still plays better than any android device, other than the Razer Phone. With all settings on high, even raids / L2R sieges doesn’t lag.

  4. Jarod says:

    just to save face, since i’m mostly P2W player…

    I know this is a really old blog post…but WTH

    I’ve been an avid gamer/player since college now i thought once i get a decent paying job i can pay my win to success and spend less time grinding and more time to enjoy with family…

    so yes many of us who wants to still enjoy the game and don’t mind spending the money to get better benefits…

    In my opinion, i’m just exchanging my time from grinding in the game to paying for premiums since i don’t have enough time to play for 4 hours on a daily basis but i still want to be strong in game.

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