FFXIV: Omega Loot Table

Omega Deltascape V1.0 β€” V4.0 are now available! Listed below is the loot table for both Omega Normal and Omega Savage. Please note, you are only eligible for 1x loot drop per week, per difficulty, per boss.

Omega Normal

  • O1N – Accessories (1), Feet (2), Waist (1)
  • O2N – Accessories (1), Feet(2), Head (2)
  • O3N – Hands (2), Legs (4), Head (2)
  • O4N – Hands (2), Legs (4), Body (4), Crystalloid*, ExDeath Minion

Note: (#) means how many tokens are required to purchase item.

Omega Savage

  • O1S – Accessories, Waist, Datalog 1.0*
  • O2S – Feet (Aiming, Casting, Fending, Healing, Striking, Maiming), Hands (Aiming, Casting, Healing, Maiming, Scouting), Head (Fending, Scouting, Striking), Glaze, Early Model Tomestone, Datalog 2.0*
  • O3S – Feet (Scouting), Hands (Fending, Striking), Head (Aiming, Casting, Healing, Maiming), Legs, Twine, Roborant, Datalog 3.0*
  • O4S – Body, Shield, Weapon, Datalog 4.0*, Alte Roite mount

* 1x guaranteed per first weekly clear, separate from item lockout.

Note: Below is listed the amount of loot received, based on party’s first weekly clear count:

  • 8x first weekly clear = 2 drops
  • 4x-7x first weekly clear = 1 drop
  • < 4x first weekly clear = 0 drops

Information credit to Reddit and the author of this lovely spreadsheet.


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