FFXIV: Omega Deltascape Guide (Normal)

Omega Deltascape is the first raid of the Stormblood expansion. Versions 1 through 4 drop tokens used to purchase item level 320 armor.

Version 1 – Alte Roite

Move away from fireballs. Stack on Breath Wing. Spread markers.

  • Single tank encounter.
  • When fireballs turn dark red, move away.
  • Breath Wing – Stack on boss.
  • Roar – Raid-wide AOE.
  • Levinbolt – Purple marks spread.
  • Twin Bolt – Tank buster (OT stand next to MT)
  • The Classical Elements – All mechanics in sequence.
  • Charybdis – Stack for AOE heals.


Version 2 – Catastrophe

Use levitate to avoid purple ground. Run to unmarked tentacle. Look away for Demon Eyes. Antilight: stacked, move outside, else go to middle.

  • Single tank encounter, ground attacks and aerial attacks.
  • Use “Anti-gravity Gimbal” to levitate and avoid ground attacks.
  • Earthquake – Use levitate.
  • Evilsphere – Tank buster.
  • Purple Ground – Use levitate.
  • Gravitational Manipulation – Use levitate and stack on stack marker.
  • Maniacal Probe – Run to wall behind the tentacle with no marker.
  • Gravitational Wave – Raid-wide AOE.
  • Antilight – Purple = levitate. Yellow = stay on ground. Both stacked = outside. Both spread = middle.
  • 100Gs – Brings you to ground (avoid purple).
  • -100Gs – Knocks you into air.
  • Demon Eyes – Look away from boss.


Version 3 – Halicarnassus

Stand on blue tiles or matching role tile. Avoid Ribbit unless frog tiles. Kill dragon add. Navigate sand. Mindjack: stack and face boss.

  • Single tank encounter.
  • Panel Swap – Stand on blue tiles.
  • Ribbit – Avoid unless frog tiles are down.
  • Spellblade Thunder/Blizzard/Fire III – Avoid AOE.
  • Spellblade Holy – Stack on marked person. Debuff markers stay spread.
  • Place Dark Token – Run to safe area.
  • Place Token – Tank pick up dragon, face away from group. DPS it down.
  • The Queen’s Waltz – Avoid AOE and stand on blue tile.
  • The Game – Stand in your corresponding role’s tile.
  • Mindjack – Stack up and face boss (this protects against following stack mechanic).
  • Aetherial Tear – navigate sands to the exit portal.


Version 4 – Exdeath

Tank swap @ 2 stacks. Avoid bad and black holes. Spread markers. Blizzard Void: keep moving. Thunder Void: run away from boss. Fire Void: don’t do anything. Run behind head when spawns. Stack on marker. Vacuum Wave: get to mid.

  • For abilities: Hand in air = normal. Hand tethered = void.
  • Doom – Debuffs two targets. Healers have Esuna ready.
  • Blizzard III – Avoid AOE.
  • Blizzard III (Void) – Keep moving.
  • Thunder III – Tank buster. Stay away from Main Tank. Tank swap at 2 stacks.
  • Thunder III (Void) – Run away from boss.
  • Fire III – Spread out markers.
  • Fire III (Void) – Don’t attack, move, or cast until the debuff falls off.
  • The Decisive Battle – Run to furthest safe zone, then Sprint behind the head.
  • Holy – Stack on stack marker.
  • Flare – Marked targets spread out.
  • Black Hole – Orbs appear, avoid them.
  • Meteor – Raid-wide AOE.
  • Vacuum wave – Stack in mid (knockback).


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