FFXIV: Susano Extreme Guide

Hi folks – here’s the Susano Extreme guide! The video is from the tank point of view, as I was playing a Warrior OT. Please note, there is a DPS check for the fight’s enrage, as well as Phase 2. Hope the guide helps and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask either here or on Twitter. Feel free to follow on Twitch! Good luck with The Pool of Tribute Extreme!

Phase 1

  • This is a single tank phase.
  • Tank faces boss north, group stacks behind boss.
  • “Churn” debuff will beep – don’t move.

Phase 2

  • Group stacks in mid.
  • MT clicks “Blade’s Shadow” to trigger Action Sequence (spam click button).
  • OT moves to NE and soaks orbs clockwise (needs a healer).
  • Party burns down the sword ASAP.
  • After sword dies, MT/OT swaps responsibilities and repeat process.

Phase 3

  • Group stacks on west side of mid. MT picks up boss, brings to north.
  • “Stormsplitter” is the tank buster and requires a tank swap.
  • “Levin Bolt” (purple marker) means run to other side of black line.
  • “Levin Bolt” (purple marker w/ beam) means the group runs to other side of black line.
  • “Parting Clouds” (red marker) means look for the storm cloud:
    • If cloud is North/South, move East/West.
    • If cloud is East/West, move South.
  • Once again, “Churn” means don’t move.


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    What does Susano drop?

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