WildStar: Blade-Wind the Invoker Guide

Blade-Wind the Invoker is the first boss in the WildStar dungeon, Stormtalon’s Lair. This guide covers the normal, level 20 difficulty of the encounter.

Boss Strategy

Phase 1

  1. Attack Blade-Wind the Invoker, ignore adds.
  2. Dodge Thunder Cross telegraph.


  1. Entire party will be subdued – pick up your weapon!
  2. Blade-Wind the Invoker goes immune, adds become vulnerable.

Phase 2

  1. Focus the adds individually – these don’t have to be tanked. Start with the front-left add and kill clock-wise.
  2. Random party members will be targeted with Lightning Strike. This will be a red telegraph on that player. Drop this telegraph on the add your group is focusing down (use Dash to quickly avoid the telegraph). Dropping Lightning Strike on the adds isn’t required, but it will speed up the encounter.
  3. Every time you kill an add, a two Static Wisps will spawn. These will show a telegraph below them and patrol around the room for the duration of the encounter – simply avoid standing under these as they will stun you.


  1. Once all adds are killed, the party will be subdued and Blade-Wind the Invoker becomes vulnerable again. Pick up your weapon and start attacking, continuing to dodge Static Wisps for the rest of the encounter.

Phase 3

  1. Throughout this phase, Blade-Wind the Invoker will cast Electrostatic Pulse – this is a unique shaped telegraph. Find a safe spot, while keeping an eye out to avoid the Static Wisps.
  2. Lightning Strike will continue to be cast, but it’s safer to just drop this away from the group this phase.

Quick Recap

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