What have I been up to!?

Hey everyone – I just wanted to toss up a quick post letting you all know what I’ve been up to. At this point, I’m still playing SWTOR, albeit one night a week – I’m definitely still keeping up with the encounters and modifying the guides accordingly. I’ve also been investing some time into World of Warcraft since they announced their new direction with account-wide achievements. And TODAY – DIABLO 3 released! So you know where I’ll be πŸ™‚

Make sure you follow me on Twitter over at @troopercommando and be sure to add my Battletag to chat with me in WoW or Diablo 3 – Accomp#1170

Don’t hesitate to toss me a message to say hello or come play with me! While SWTOR may not be my main focus at the moment, I’m still around to answer questions, chat, or just shoot the shit! Hopefully I have the chance to get to know some of you guys more. See you then!


Accomp is a gamer who enjoys a variety of game genres, focusing most on MMOs. He has a professional background in UI Engineering and User Experience and has written about video games since 2005. Join his Discord, follow him on Twitter, and subscribe on Twitch and YouTube!

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  1. Telanis says:

    Hopefully SWTOR does server transfers soon, I made the mistake of picking a nearly dead server and it’s quite hard to get a group of 4 for flashpoints or whatever, much less do operations. Makes the end game less fun. Going to start another character in the meantime though, still love the game πŸ™‚

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