Warcraft: Fishing in Warlords

Oh, Draenor… our new home in the expansion chock full of crap to do. Maybe you’ve been focusing on your Garrison and leveling your followers, or maybe you’ve been killing baddies in PvP, farming your set for Season 1. Well let me tell you – Nat Pagle would not approve. While leveling fishing to 700 in the Warlords expansion may seem like a pretty overwhelming task, I promise you – it’s not as bad as you think.

Not only is leveling your fishing profession in Warlords not difficult, nor honestly very time consuming (spend one night), but it offers a few perks that you may be overlooking. As we all know, every Garrison gets a Fishing Shack. Once you’ve handled the core things you want to accomplish in the game to build the foundation for this tier, start working on your fishing. I’m going to break this down very simply, so it’s less overwhelming – but follow these tips and you’ll have 700 Fishing and the corresponding perks in no time!

Where do I start?

Well, assuming you’re 600 Fishing, just drop a bobber in any Draenor water until you fish up a [Fishing Guide to Draenor]. This will teach you the ability to level to 700 Fishing. Now we can get started.

So there are 3 levels to the Fishing Shack. However to unlock level 3, you need the achievement – Draenor Angler – this, my friends, is the trick to success. It’s a goal for you to shoot for and can be accomplished in a single night. This will be our starting point, as well as our destination.

Draenor Angler

So, the Draenor Angler achievement – catch 100x of each enormous fish. Sounds crazy, right? Don’t worry – it’s not at all. This is your goal and I’ve listed some tips below to accomplish this very easily and fairly quickly as well.

  • Use Fishing Gear – There are various fishing items that have been in the game for years. Whether it’s a [Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole], [Boots of the Bay], or one of the various Warlords temporary items you can RNG fish up – anything that adds to your fishing skill will only decrease the amount of times you’re casting that lure.
  • Use a Lure – Go to the Auction house. Buy a stack  of [Worm Supreme]. Keep it applied while fishing. Profit.
  • Use Bait – Each type of fish has a corresponding bait. Purchase one of each bait at the auction house (they’re cheap). Just before you begin fishing in the appropriate zone for that fish, use the bait. It has a 5 minute duration and you’ll fish up another of the same bait before that buff wears off. This allows you to sit in one spot, completely ignore fish pools, and fish for the entire time you farm 100x of that fish.
  • Be Efficient – You’re going to be spending a bit of time fishing, probably 3-5 hours, getting this achievement. The more casts you can fit in, the better. However, while efficiency is great, Fishing isn’t your only priority. My strategy was to hearth back to my Garrison and recycle short duration follower missions while swapping between zones.


That’s really it. Follow that small handful of tips and you’ll have Draenor Angler in no time. However, as I stated earlier, the achievement isn’t the only perk! Below I’ve listed more perks that truly make farming this achievement a no-brainer.

  • 700 Fishing – During your time fishing up your achievement, you ‘re going to ding 700 Fishing – GRATS!
  • Level 3 Fishing Hut – The Draenor Angler achievement is a prerequisite for the Level 3 Fishing Shack. Now you’ll be able to fish up enormous fish in your Garrison, as well as fish up special lures that spawn mobs which drop a plethora of Fishing mats and fun stuff.
  • 700 Cooking – Wait, what? You heard me right. You just fished up a boatload of materials used for cooking – Bust open some of those enormous fish and hit 700 Cooking! You’ll barely make a dent in your fish stock by the time you hit 700.
  • 700 First Aid – You’re joking, right? Nope – Fish are used for First Aid crafting! I think I ended up with 3 stacks of Healing Tonic.
  • Nat Pagle – Oh yeahhhhhhhh. Our buddy Nat Pagle is now available as a follower after you finish  Draenor Angler and a couple quests following. He will also be available at your Fishing Shack and you can work on getting Best Friends with him, providing you a plethora of new fishing toys!
  • Profit or Save – So you’ve got 700 Fishing, 700 Cooking AND 700 First Aid. Guess what? You’ve still got a shload of fish left. You can either sell the fish on the Auction House and make a pretty hefty profit or you can toss them in your bank and save them for future fishing dailies or maybe feasts for your guild.

Well that about sums it up, folks. I know this guide doesn’t cover every facet of Fishing – for that, I’d recommend checking out Wowhead’s Guide to Fishing in Warlords of Draenor. My intent for this guide was to just show how easy and beneficial farming the Draenor Angler achievement is and that you honestly shouldn’t put it off any longer. Hope this helped and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask here or catch me on Twitter! Thanks folks 🙂


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