FFXIV: New Lodestone set to launch August 24th

The Lodestone is intended to be a resource for the Final Fantasy XIV community. However, it’s currently overridden with old, outdated 1.0 information and honestly is not really usable in any way. It’s a ton of, what use to be, great information, but it’s scattered all over the place and can be extremely difficult to navigate.

Currently on the provided link to the beta Lodestone, there is a message that reads as follows:

“Service for the new Lodestone (beta version) has concluded as of July 17, at 6 p.m. JST. We thank you for your valuable feedback. Please be advised that official service for the new Lodestone is due to commence at the start of the early access period.”

Well, the Early Access period begins August 24th. So get ready!

During Beta, Square Enix offered a Beta preview of the new and improved Lodestone with some enhanced features and what would ultimately become the new hub for the FFXIV:ARR community. This included a complete redesign and features added such as the character armory, which allows you to view your character, interact with others and share information. I’ve provided a couple screenshots of this from various community websites and provided credit where credit is due. So, thank you to those communities for giving those who missed it a sneak peek.

Source: Disciples of the Land

Source: Disciples of the Land – casinoplay

Source: Gamebreaker TV

Source: Gamebreaker TV



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