FFXIV: How to create Linkshells and Free Companies

I’ve noticed there has been some confusion regarding how to go about creating Linkshells and Free Companies. As we approach launch, it’s probably a good idea to start planning out your new home and community you’ll be playing with. Below I’ve listed the requirements and general overview for both Linkshells and Free Companies. They’re basic, but I hope they help y’all get started!


A Linkshell is essentially just a chat channel you can invite anyone on the server to. You are limited to being a part of 8 Linkshells total with a max of 128 players in each, but these are intended for alliances, friends, etc, for easy communication. A couple other convenient uses of a Linkshell channel might be a raid team channel, PvP channel, or even a Free Company/Alliance trade channel.

How to create

  • Visit any major city and find the <Linkshell Distributor>.
  • This NPC will allow you to learn about, create and disband Linkshells.
  • Linkshell creation does not cost anything and has no level requirement.

Free Company

A Free Company is, in essence, a guild. You are limited to being a member of only one Free Company at a time and are free to leave/join whenever you so choose. Free Companies will have a point-based leveling system, housing, traits, journal tasks and more.

How to create

  •  Must be level 25 and part of a Grand Company.
  • Visit the Administrator at your Grand Company Hall.
  • For 15,000 Gil, this NPC will allow you to register a petition for your Free Company.
  • Once you have the petition, you will need 3 friends to sign before it’s created.

For further information on Linkshells and Free Companies, check out this more detailed guide from the folks over at Eorzea Reborn.



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