Diablo 3: How To Craft Hellfire Ring

With the imminent launch of Reaper of Souls, the first Diablo 3 expansion, and the introduction of the updated loot system, the community has picked up something fierce. I have seen a huge increase of people coming back to the game or finally giving it a try, as the updated changes have actually made the game enjoyable – who’d have thunk it? So, in preparation for the expansion and as a means of educating new players, I wanted to write a quick guide on what the Hellfire Ring is and how to acquire it.

What is the Hellfire Ring?

The Hellfire Ring is a Legendary ring that is crafted. It’s considered ‘End Game’ content for the current tier in Diablo 3. The ring provides 35% increased experience, along with 5x random properties and can be equipped at level 1. This makes it great for leveling a new character, but also very powerful for level 60 characters if the stats are rolled well (you may have to craft several rings – or get lucky with RNG).

There has been talk about an updated version of the Hellfire Ring in the Reaper of Souls expansion that will boost your experience by 45% – but this has yet to be confirmed.

How do I get the Hellfire Ring?

The process involved in crafting a Hellfire Ring can be a challenging one. It involves farming items, using those items to craft portals to confront Uber bosses, then using items the Uber bosses drop to craft the ring. The chance for these items to drop increases with difficulty, so I’d recommend on farming in at least Torment 1 – I’d recommend just faming Key Warden public games. Now, if you want a more detailed, elaborate version of how to acquire your Hellfire Ring, I’m just going to link you to Blizzard’s article they wrote on how to acquire it. My intent is to provide a very quick, brief reference on the process:

  1. Go to the Hidden Camp in Act II and purchase Design:Hellfire Ring from Squirt the Peddler.
  2. Farm Plan: Infernal Machine from the Keywarden located in Act IV – Silver Spire Level 1.
  3. Farm 1x of each key from the Keywardens wandering in each zone (start at last quest of each act). I’d recommend farming 3x of each or open with a party, as you can open 3x portals per game, ensuring all 3x Uber boss encounters.
  4. Craft as many Infernal Machines as you can – each creates a portal to confront an Uber encounter, which have a chance to drop an organ.
  5. Make a game in the last quest of Act I and break down the boards behind Brother Malachi the Healer to reveal the entrance to the Heretic’s Abode. Inside, click your Infernal Machine to open a portal. Again, play moneyslot with friends or have at least 3x Infernal Machines to ensure you get a shot at all 3x Uber encounters.
  6. Farm 1x of each organ from the Uber bosses (you fight two story bosses at the same time). Please note, this must be completed on at least Torment I difficulty.
  7. Use the set of organs to craft Design:Hellfire Ring. If you have any luck, you’ll get a good roll. Complete this process as many times as needed to your heart’s desire.

Questions? Want to play sometime?

Sure thing – you can find me on Twitter.com/Accomp or add me in-game! Accomp#1170 – hope this quick guide helps out a bit. If you have any questions, just drop a comment or catch me on Twitter. Thanks guys and gals!



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