FFXIV: Shisui of the Violet Tides Dungeon Guide

Shisui of the Violet Tides is a level 63 dungeon and the second dungeon you will encounter as you venture through Stormblood. This dungeon has 3 bosses and awards item level 270 gear.


  • Shuck – Long cast time ability at a player. Boss’s leg becomes vulnerable. Kill it before timer. Once dead, boss becomes vulnerable – DPS him.
  • Kamikiri Emerges – Add spawns and players get blue marker. Run marker to wall to drop pool, then kill the add.

The Ruby Princess

  • Seduce – Run to a chest to transform and avoid debuff, then wait near chest to avoid the following “Coriolis Kick”.
  • Coriolis Kick – Large AOE centered from boss. Run out.
  • Abyssal Volcano – AOE from boss and targeted players. Targeted players should drop away from group, then kite away from group.

Shisui Yohi

  • Thick Fog – Kill all 4 Churn bubbles. Move away from splash in water.
  • Naishi-no-jo Adds – They target players setwalls, so face them away and kill them.
  • Mad Stare – Face away from boss.


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