FFXIV: Palace of the Dead Leveling Guide



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  1. Matt says:

    What do you mean grind levels 1-10 until +10/+10? Do you mean repeat the levels until you’re at +10/+10? Or that you should be at +10/+10 after the first run through?

    • Accomp Accomp says:

      You’ll grind floors 1-10 (Reset after each clear) until your aetherpool armor and weapon are both +10ish. You could even do this until +15 if you wanted to, since it’s fast.

  2. Dakotah says:

    What is the thought process behind only using floors 51-60 for leveling? I have only had struggles with groups passing floors 41-50 & 91-100. Is using floors 51-90 also a viable leveling strategy?


    • Accomp Accomp says:

      I actually did a good bit of research from feedback on folks on that exact question, mostly because I was curious myself. The idea is that 51-60 appears to be the sweet spot for a healthy balance of speed, difficulty, and exp curve. So with the idea that you gain more exp the higher the floor (curve), only when finishing the floors (speed), at a very low difficulty – yields that exp per hour seems to be most efficient when grinding 51-60.

  3. Fred says:

    Do you get xp for the clear only ( i.e. Floors 51-60 completed) or does the number of monsters killed figure in to your final tally once you clear?

    • Izu says:

      You only get experience for the clear. The number of monsters killed has no bearing on your experience at the end of the PotD

  4. Baleoce says:

    How do you repeat groups of 10 floors and still get exp from them? Do you defeat the boss and then abandon the duty?

  1. June 26, 2017

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