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One of the many great features of FFXIV: ARR is the Hunting Log. Unique to each class, this list of enemies adds some flavor and another option to help you level up. In addition to class hunting logs, there are also specific hunting logs based on the Grand Company you choose to support. The hunting log UI is very clean and easy to follow and is a one stop location for all your bonus XP needs. Let’s take a look at the UI shall we?

Hunting Log

Hunting Log UI

The Hunting Log

  1. Class – This shows the class icons for easy switching between which one you are viewing. The Hunting Log will of course default to your current class.
  2. Rank – Here is shown all the ranks of the Hunting Log. Rank 1 is for levels 1-10; Rank 2 is 11-20; and so on. Each rank is unlocked by completing the previous.
  3. Class # – There are 10 parts per rank to complete. Listed here is the class and the # for each challenge.
  4. Target – All the targets are listed here with a picture, the name and a status bar for how far along you are. You’ll notice this particular challenge has 2 different mobs in it to gain the bonus XP.
  5. Location – Mousing over each mob displayed in the hunting log will give you the general location. You’ll find that these can be extremely generalized and will take you some searching to track down if you don’t find them as part of normal questing.
  6. Challenge Reward – Each challenge level has its own individual reward for defeating the enemy/enemies listed for it
  7. Rank Reward – This is the bonus XP given for completing the entire rank. Finishing the rank on top of the bonuses for each challenge is a huge amount of XP.

On the Field

Fortunately, while out and about questing and traveling, there’s no need to have memorized everything you could possibly need to defeat for your bonus XP. The devs have put a nifty notification icon on every mob that you haven’t completed yet. It’s a nifty little dotted double “C” (or partial water ripple), right above the name of the startgames target mob as you can see here:


Hunting Log Progress Icon

The Hunting Log is a wonderful XP supplement to your usual diet of Quests and FATEs. Be sure to keep an eye out for targets!



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3 Responses

  1. Dungin2 says:

    Good Stuff. I like what you’ve done here with the layout. Very succinct and to the point. I dig.

  2. Thank you Sinister. Hunting logs are just as your guide explains it.. pretty straightforward, simple. I was curious as to approx. how many mobs for each rank are only found in leves and are they only found in anything else other than common hunting grounds and leves.

  3. Breaux says:

    You can find the mobs in open world, leves, FATEs, really anything. However, every mob can be found in the open world (excluding Grand Company Hunting Logs, which require dungeons). So, no mob from the Class Hunting Log is exclusive to an instanced or “forced” area.

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