ESO: Best Add-ons & Settings

Updated for Murkmire (2018)!

Elder Scrolls Online provides one of the most rich experiences in the market when it comes to MMOs. That said, ESO launched in 2014 and contains a large amount of content, including various systems which may seem overwhelming, and a combat system which feels more engaging than many of its competitors. This may feel overwhelming to some – or maybe just a desire to optimize and maintain better control during your time in game. This is where Ad-dons come into play – let’s jump into my recommended add-ons and game settings to make a more enjoyable (and efficient) experience in Tamriel!


Alright, add-ons. This is a listing of those I found useful, along with a quick summary of what each add-on brings to the table. Note, these are not required, but rather a means to enhance your time in game. Reminder: Minion is the preferred app to manage your addons.

Please note, I’ve marked the high priority add-ons with **. If there are any add-ons not listed here, which you recommend, please share in the comments!


Outside of add-ons, there are some native game settings you change to improve the experience as well.

  • Combat Cues – This is the most important setting you should be enabling. Telegraphs (bad stuff on ground) are extremely important to identify. Combat cues allow you to change the look of these. Turn them bright pink and never stand in bad again! [preview]
  • Auto Loot – Dealing with loot is often a major time sink, so ensure you have consolidated area and auto loot enabled to save some time and allow you to focus on the fun. [preview]
  • Camera – These settings will likely vary between folks, based on preference. But putting time into calibrating your camera is a must. The attached preview shows my settings, playing on an UltraWide monitor. [preview]


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