SWTOR: Soa, The Infernal One Guide



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  1. Wesleycrushers says:

    Why have two tanks for this fight? Wouldn’t an extra healer make it easier?

    • Accomp Accomp says:

      You would be correct – sorry. I hadn’t updated the encounter guide since they changed the lightning ball mechanics. But yes, you are correct. We usually just have our OT go full DPS for this fight and have one of our Commandos go heals pretty much full-time for the duration of the encounter.

      • Wesleycrushers says:

        As the dps commando that was going full heals for this encounter for my guild last night… this is hard.

        There is just a lot to watch for.

        You don’t really need to be worrying about backing up heals until the second phase though.

        • Accomp Accomp says:

          Agreed – phase 1 is very simple. Even phase 2 is actually very easy once you get the coordination down. Phase 3 is when it requires everyone to play smart and is very unforgiving if you make any mistakes. Stacking definitely makes this fight MUCH more manageable, so I would suggest continuing to stack in the center of the room for Phase 3.

  2. respawn says:

    Does not say the order of jumping down the platforms so here it is…

    Down, Right, Wait (heal) -> Back, Right, Right, Right, Wait (heal) -> Right, Right, Forward/Right, Back, Forward

    • Wesleycrushers says:

      Depending on the strength of your groups AOE heals, some groups don’t wait on the first platform and instead go right and take the double fall damage. They then heal up at this platform and move on normally. This allows you to get further ahead and have more time to catch up healing at the midway and bottom points.

      Also note that the order could be different if you are starting on the opposite side of the platform for falls (East vs West).

      • Wesleycrushers says:

        Err, after re-reading your post you are taking the double drop. I guess what I should have said was that an alternative is to wait on the first platform as a new platform will drop behind you. Then it would be back, forward-right, move on as normal.

  3. Wesleycrushers says:

    As a dps commando, you can still switch to your Combat Support Cell at the end of phase 1 before the middle is dropped out, and heal on the run the entire way down, this can help make your healers lives easier. You can throw your normal heals while stopped for AOE healing. At the bottom throw a heal or two, and then switch back to Armor Piercing cell.

    If you are going to do this, the best target would be the tank or other people with the highest health pool as falling damage is a flat percentage, and so those are the people that will need the most healing.

  4. Accomp Accomp says:

    @Respawn – I’ve updated the strat to include the route.

    @Wesleycrushers – Yep, good call. Everyone capable of spot healing on the way down should be. Just speeds things up a bit.

  5. jpchivalry says:

    Looks like that’s the same strategy we use for our raids, but we have one off-tank come in and taunt the boss while the main tank handles his/her lightning ball.

    We probably get unlucky during the transition from phase 2 to phase 3 platforming.

  6. Accomp Accomp says:

    I just finished writing an article that should help you guys out – Tips for Soa Nightmare Mode. It covers strategies used to handle some of the more difficult aspects of the encounter.


  7. Wesleycrushers says:

    I’m told that on 16 man the developers were nice enough to include an extra lightning ball. So you get 3 instead of 2 on Hard/NiM

  8. Accomp Accomp says:

    Yep, I can confirm that as well. I’ve added it to the guide – thanks.

  9. wesleycrushers says:

    Everyone should have target of target turned on and use this to verify the lightning ball that is targeting them.

  10. Myka_Stryver says:

    With the new change the platform people land on is handy. No longer a need to slow DPS if someone is in the air at the end of P2.

  11. wesleycrushers says:

    Damage from lightning balls also seems to have been significantly nerfed in 1.2. I doubt that this is only the multiple ticks of dmg bug, but expect it is actually an overall damage nerf.

    In Nightmare mode last night, I watched a smuggler take multiple ticks off of someone else’s ball before exploding his own. He still had a significant portion of his health remaining afterwards. Pre 1.2 he would have been dead before he even got to his own ball.

  12. jpchivalry says:

    I just have to say thank you Trooper Commando for the strategy, my team was able to down HM Soa today! Onwards to prepping ourselves for Explosive Conflict!

  13. Accomp Accomp says:

    @ jpchivalry – Awesome, grats! Glad they helped out!

  14. NickyDan says:

    Unless it’s been changed in 1.2, on Normal Mode you can avoid the lightning ball damage. Just kite the balls around until they disappear. When they disappear on Normal, they’re really gone.
    I know for most people running Normal Mode EV, it shouldn’t even be a problem to just eat the lightning. But for some groups (read: really really bad pugs. I’ve been there ;__;) it can help to avoid it 🙂

  15. Krindel says:

    A very useful strategy for going down is have any Jedi Knights / Sith Warriors in the group force jump on the Ancient Power Sources on the platforms. You get no fall damage that way.

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