SWTOR: Karagga the Unyielding Guide

Recommended Group Composition

  • 1x Tank
  • 2x Healers
  • 5x DPS

Notable Mechanics

  • Throughout the encounter, fire will spawn under the boss.
  • Mouse droids spawn that explode upon reaching their target.
  • A single player will be targeted and have a blue orb debuff on them. This pulls nearby to them, and the player explodes when the debuff falls off or is dispelled.
  • Boss fires missiles in front of him and shoots fire behind him.
  • Spikes will hit random players during the encounter (unavoidable).

Normal Strategy

  • Boss should be tanked facing the wall, angled such that the frontal missiles hit the tank and wall, while the fire shot behind him isn’t aimed towards the center of the room. Melee should stand on the sides of him, not in front or behind.
  • The boss spawns fire pools throughout the fight. When one spawns, pull the boss away from the fire, as to make room for melee. This is a mechanic you will have to follow the entire duration of the encounter. The fire does not go away, so kiting around the perimeter is the best choice, leaving plenty of room for ranged and healers.
  • When mouse droids spawn, melee get out and ranged DPS them down immediately; AOE’ing when they first spawn is optimal.
  • When someone is targeted with the blue orb debuff, they will pull in nearby players. Those players should run away from this person. Once no one is near the debuffed player, he should be dispelled.

Hard Mode Strategy

  • Coming soon.

Nightmare Mode Strategy

  • Coming soon.

Commando Tips

  • Pre-firing AOE when mouse droids are about to spawn is super helpful and makes dealing with them much less of an issue.

5-second Recap

  • Melee should stand on the sides of the boss, avoiding front and rear.
  • Boss is kited around room to avoid melee standing in fire – Don’t stand in fire.
  • DPS down mouse droids immediately – AOE helps.
  • When sucked in by a blue orb debuffed player, run away immediately. Dispel this player once he is alone.


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3 Responses

  1. Wesleycrushers says:

    The time between mouse droid spawns tends to be very close to what the cooldown on Mortar Volley is. It is helpful to let the rest of the team (especially smugglers) know when there is 5-10 seconds left on the cooldown as their AOE takes a long time to actually start dealing damage.

  2. Accomp Accomp says:

    The mouse droids are on a 1-minute timer. But yeah, we usually have someone call out 4-5 seconds before they drop.

  3. NickyDan says:

    If a player doesn’t need to move, is there any reason to bother dispelling the debuff? I mean, it does the same thing when it’s removed whether it runs out or is cleansed, doesn’t it?
    If I get the debuff on myself, I typically don’t bother cleansing it. I’d rather use the gcd and energy on something that does more healing. I’ll usually cleanse it on other people, but that’s because I’ve had people that shout at me claiming they’ll die if I don’t cleanse it 8| Is there something I’m not understanding here?

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