FFXIV: Garuda (Normal) Guide


Garuda is a level 44 Primal encounter that is part of the main story line inside The Howling Eye. In this encounter, you will face the Primal of wind. This is a 4-man encounter and is one of the more challenging fights you will come across as you near reaching end game.

Boss Strategy

Phase 1

  1. Stay spread out. Stay away from stone pillars (you don’t want to hit one if you get nailed with Friction)
  2. Garuda should be tanked next to the large rock at the end of the encounter area. Once tank has aggro, DPS Garuda.
  3. Garuda will then disappear. When she reappears, she will cast an zone-wide AOE and you should position yourself behind a stone pillar, but far enough away that you won’t damage the pillar if you’re targeted with Friction.
  4. Once she finishes her ability, you can run back into position and begin DPS’ing again.
  5. Shortly after, there will be an emote that says “Countless feathers rain from the sky.” Adds will then spawn and they should be killed immediately.
  6. Repeat steps 2-4 until the Phase 2 transition.

Phase 2

  1. Garuda will disappear and reappear in the middle. She will also yell, “THE RECKONING COMES!!!”
  2. Stack behind a remaining 3-stone pillar and blow your defensive Limit Break. This will help deal with some of the damage output and smoothly transition phases. Everyone should be topped off.
  3. Garuda will then explode the remaining stones and transition into Phase 2.
  4. Everyone should then gather in towards the middle, while staying spread out. A smaller safe zone circle will be present, as a storm encompasses the group, creating a smaller area for the encounter.
  5. Stay spread out, DPS the boss and ensure you are never in front of Garuda.
  6. Adds may spawn outside of the storm area – these should be DPS’d down immediately, then continue on the boss.
  7. Nearing the end of Garuda’s life, she will teleport into the storm, directly in front of the pile of rocks. When she does this, your group should stack within the calm, safe zone at the opposite side. This will out-range her attack and keep your group safe from taking any damage.
  8. Once she does her AOE, finish the final few percent of health and rejoice in your victory!

Quick Recap

  • Phase 1 – Spread out, stay away from pillars. When she teleports, LoS her with a pillar. DPS adds immediately.
  • Phase 2 – Use defensive Limit Break upon “THE RECKONING COMES!!!” message and stack behind a pillar. Stay within the safe zone, not in front of Garuda and spread out. DPS adds immediately when they spawn. When Garuda teleports, max range her, while staying within the safe zone.


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