SWTOR: Annihilation Droid XRR-3 Guide

Recommended Group Composition

  • 1x Tank
  • 2x Healers
  • 5x DPS

Notable Mechanics

  • Missile Salvo – Single target damage to everyone in raid, within LoS.
  • Rocket Burst – Single target damage, indicated by a red circle on the targeted player. This does damage and knocks back nearby players as well.
  • Overwhelming Strike – Frontal cleave.
  • Storm Protocol – Arial missiles are fired at the raid for about 10 seconds, indicated by red circles on the ground.
  • Shockwave – AoE damage to all players in melee range.

Normal Strategy

  • Divide up into two groups, left and right, making sure a healer is in each group.
  • When Missile Salvo occurs, the boss will emote “Proximity Breach”. When this happens, run to your corresponding side, left or right, and hide behind the pillar until the boss stands up and the ability has ended.
  • When you are targeted with Rocket Burst, you will have a red circle on you – get away from everyone else and make sure you are topped off.
  • Everyone but the tank should be positioned behind the boss, spread out, as the boss cleaves.
  • When Storm Protocol occurs, simply run around and don’t stand on red circles.
  • Melee will run out when Shockwave hits; however, you can usually just stay in and heal through it.
  • The last 10% of the fight, the boss will enter his final phase – permanent Missilve Salvo. There are two strategies to finishing this phase:
    • The first, recommended having a Sage healer, have the entire operation group up at ranged in front of the boss. The boss will cast Shockwave, then the group should collectively run into melee for AOE heals and blow all cooldowns. Any defensive cooldowns, such as the Gunslinger’s Scrambling Field, will help immensely during this phase.
    • The second, melee should burst all cooldowns and continue to DPS the boss, while the rest of the group will group up next to a single pillar. Healers should be LoS to avoid the missile damage, while ranged should group up next to the pillar and continue to DPS the boss, burning all cooldowns. The melee will DPS until they die, while the ranged will be receiving AOE heals while they finish off the last few percents.

Hard Mode Strategy

  • Same strategy as normal; however, the damage output is increased in hard mode.
  • Maximizing DPS uptime is imperative, so ensure you are capitalizing on DPS’ing during Missile Salvo via ranged DPS. Healers should be able to keep them up and you can sneak in some extra damage. If you are dropping low in health, jump back behind the pillar until you’re topped off.

Nightmare Mode

Commando Tips

  • Use your Reactive Shield during the first Missilve Salvo, then save it for the final 10%.
  • During Storm Protocol, continue to use your instant-cast abilities to sustain DPS/HPS uptime while strafing out of the red circles on the ground.

5-second Recap

  1. Stand behind pillars during Missile Salvo, sneaking in DPS where possible.
  2. Get away from everyone if you have a red circle on you.
  3. Don’t stand in red circles on the ground during Storm Protocol.
  4. Group up in front of the boss, at ranged, at 10% for AOE heals and blow cooldowns.


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5 Responses

  1. Major Twaadz Siwe says:

    First off I would like to say thank you very much for putting this together. Secondl I just wanted to ask a few questions/leave suggestions.

    Firstly just being picky, but you mispelled missle under he second point of he normal strat.
    Secondly I would be super cool just as a quck reference point I you could find a map of the boss fight to give a visual cue as to exactly where unsuggest all people to be and use different symbols and cols for each.
    Lastly, do u have any more commando only tips? Always looking for suggestions/strats to help me improve.

    Typed on iPod sry for any confusion on grammer etc.

    • Accomp Accomp says:

      Thanks, I appreciate the input! I’ve gone ahead and fixed that typo, nice catch. As far as a map that shows positioning, I can definitely work on something like that; however, I am going to focus on finishing the videos first. I should have the Normal and Hard Mode videos of each boss up this week. Hopefully that will suffice in regards to displaying positioning. As far as Commando tips, is there something specific you were struggling with in this encounter? I will be finishing the PvE Guide that will encompass PvE rotations at some point in the next week or so.

      • Major Twaadz Siwe says:

        Nothing in particular that I needed answered as my guild is waiting on our last fifty which should be any day now. The only reason I suggested the map is be hade in almost all videos it’s really difficult to see who is where during each phase. Other then that anything else is bonus. Also u should consider posting in trooper subsection and get more attention drawn to this cause there aren’t hardly and walkthroughs even this in depth. Not to add to your list of stuff to do lol but with the delay of 1.1 people will still be doing heroics for a while Whig might also be great to show.

  2. Wesleycrushers says:

    Standing between the boss and the pillars will also limit how far you are knocked back if you get hit with his knockback ability, as he will just fling you against the pillar.

  3. Accomp Accomp says:

    @WesleyCrushers – Yep, this is a technique that our melee use. However, just be aware that if you aren’t positioned correctly, things will not work out so well. Sometimes it’s better to be safe, than sorry. If the enrage timer is not an issue for you, play it on the safe side.

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