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Demon Hunter – Too Squishy?

May 21st, 2012 by

At this point, my Demon Hunter is level 47 in Act 3 on Nightmare difficulty and I’ll be honest – I’m struggling to solo or group with anything but a Barb or Monk. The problem I am dealing with is the fact that Demon Hunters are freaking squishy! I remember at one point, I sat at 7k life and the wizard in my group had 4k life. I was literally one-shot by a regular trash mob, while he was able to mitigate a bit better and endure some of the strikes that wiped me out fairly quickly. I’ve read various posts on the forums expressing this same issue that other Demon Hunters are having and I am going to stretch to

Now something to keep in mind – things like this are expected in a new game, regardless of how long the production cycle took. So basically, just sit tight! Once you get a friend to be your personal meat shield, it’s smooth sailing (for the most part). As stated, I’m currently doing Nightmare difficulty, and there are definitely certain types of monsters that just wreck me. Yeah, I’m looking at you mortar monsters. Just play smart, make good utilization of your traps and snares and you’ll find yourself in a much better situation. In the end, however, I could totally see Blizzard buffing the damage mitigation of the Demon Hunter because come Inferno, I could see the class really struggle when it comes to some of the monster types you’ll encounter.

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One thought on “Demon Hunter – Too Squishy?

  1. So after doing some research, it appears that running Smoke Screen and Preparation is the combo used to increase survivability. This will do the trick to help you out, as you can stay aggro-free for almost the entirety of a fight, if handled correctly.

    However, this doesn’t address the larger issue of depending on a specific build to have a chance. I expect a minor nerf to this combo and a major buff to other abilities.

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