Diablo 3: Console vs PC – I’m torn.



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  1. Kevin Lepp says:

    “I feel that these personal experiences with others is something that Diablo 3 has lost and for me, that’s a really big deal.”

    Its a blizzard game, what do you expect? ever since wow its all about the single player experience and making it as easy and convenient as possible for the kids!

    I have never played D3 but im not buying the “so hard it was almost unplayable” crap. Must be a wow player.

    Either way, intersting read. I hate blizzard and their design choices. The end. (greedy bastards. Their own dev’s admit they destroyed the mmo genre ffs)

  2. Kevin Lepp says:

    “he issue where the end game difficulties were not accessible to the majority of players”

    since my last post disappeared. This quote envelopes the problem with you all. end game wouldnt BE end game if it was accessible to everyone!! Ever heard the phrase Shit or get off the pot?

    Its your assumption that has had a hugeh and in destroying this genre.

    As far as blizzard not caring about community, NO SHIT. Look at wow LOL. They care about bringing all the casual pre teen scrubs into the market, and the casual pre teen scrubs are selfish, self absorbed, rude, and immature. They want instant gratification and nothing more. Minmal effort, risk vs reward is a concept they view as fail.

    Screw blizzard, screw wow, screw D3, and screw you if your one of them.

    That is all! (can you tell im a purist, an mmo vet, and very passionate gamer? :P)

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