Warcraft: A Guide for Returning WoW Players



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  1. Alas-I-Am-Slain says:

    Alas indicates a feeling of sorrow. You should change that word to therefore. Or, since this is the Internet and everyone loves to say it, hence. Or, a third option, ergo. Unless you feel badly about making the guide, in which case good word choice.

  2. Very nice guide, man. Exactly what I was looking for, and the links to expanded resources is genius! Also, very well written!

  3. Louis says:

    Great article, thanks!

  4. Alf says:

    i came back to wow and now i’m not overwhelmed with all the changes. TYVM!
    “Alas you helped me immensely. 😀

  5. Marisol says:

    Much appreciated. The fiancé and I (met on wow) took a break for a year after our son was born. We were always online and raiding during Wrath, but slowed down during Cata, and quit before Mists. I thought I could catch up with the forums and Joystiq but that so didn’t work. This was much better.

  6. matt jones says:

    This helped, especially the links for delving further into the subjects. Thank you.

  7. KirstyPally-Exodar says:

    Took a two year break after Deathwing died to our facerolling LFR group. Came back last week. Moved servers from Arathor to Exodar to play with my former guild leader. I started my Toon (KirstyPally) Saturday afternoon December 21, 2013, it’s now December 30th, she’s level 88. I did have three days off last week. Basically it’s two to three days to clear vanilla (1-58), then about a day for each expansion up to Pandaria. I have all heirlooms accounted for except the ring and I’m a member of a level 25 guild, so that’s a significant stack of +% EXP. I probably would have gotten through vanilla faster if I adopted Slash and Burn leveling immediately instead of clearing the zone like I was used to.

    Slash and Burn Leveling: Go to the closest, most familiar and highest level zone you qualify for and pick up all available quests in whatever hub you arrive at. Complete quests in the zone until your level raises to a point where you qualify for a higher level zone. Immediately abandon all your active quests from the lower level zone, move to the higher level one, rinse and repeat to 85. Don’t bother investing time in leveling professions at this juncture, it will only slow you down. Do take two gathering proffs however. You’ll still find enough low level stuff in your way as you go about your business on foot so why not pick it up and sell it on the AH then use that money to secure more storage space or put towards mount training. All you really need going up is bags and bank space. You will be killing a lot of mobs and you will get a lot of cloth and BoE Greens. Find a tailor/enchanter to turn that stuff into something better than bandages. When you’ve finished BC, get your netherweave turned into bags and start your bank alts. This is just preference, as I don’t feel like spending 25g on a bank slot when I only have low capacity bags.

    When you get to Pandaria, cease “slash and burn leveling”. Slow down, take your time, the storytelling and questing got a lot better, you really don’t want to miss it even as you push forward.

    Pet Battling for better leveling:
    This happens to all of us, the quest says kill 10 mobs but only six spawned and then you killed them. You’ve ridden/flown around on your mount all over the ‘blue’ covered area of your quest tracker map overlay and you still don’t see them or another player is tagging them first. Find a pet to battle close by while the mobs respawn. Winning a pet battle where all of your pets participate earns you almost as much experience as a good level appropriate quest turn in. Something like over 2/3 of quest XP. So you fight a couple of pets, meanwhile the mobs respawn/your competition moves on and then you’re back on track. You can only heal your pets yourself every 8 minutes, but 10 silver pieces will do it if a stable master is available.

    Dungeon Quests:
    Queue for specific level appropriate dungeons. You’ll find the quest giver inside, usually close to the entrance. Run the dungeon once and only once. You only care about gloves, bracers, belts, boots and probably rings. Everything else should be scaling thanks to your heirloom gear so you don’t need to be there more than once. You can run a random dungeon for the bonus XP and sack of useful (useless) items, but unless you’ve randomed a dungeon you haven’t already quested out, it’s generally not worth it. Don’t even think about boss drops. You’re leveling too fast for them to be of any significant advantage.

    Worgen characters (and I presume Goblins as well) start near a mailbox, so you can equip your toon with heirlooms before going on their racial introduction quest chains. The Battle for Gilneas quest is bugged bad. DO NOT attack Sylvanas while she is fighting the King or you just might find yourself being ported to the start of the quest, for the fourth time.

    Pandarens do not have mailboxes in their starting zones because you are considered neutral until you choose a side and leave the island. End result? My worgen druid completes her intro quest chain having reached level 14 by the end whereas the Pandaren mage is level 12 before having access to heirlooms.

    Some other things folks may want to know about:

    Heirlooms can go in the mail across servers. Did your friends migrate or your old guild disband? Need to level a toon fast? OK, no problem. Mail your heirloom gear to your new character on another realm just like “Charactername-Realmname” and it’s done. You can still earn JP on your old server’s high level toons running dungeons if you need more heirlooms or need to upgrade them. The most important things to upgrade are the chest and shoulders since they have +% experience gain on them. You’ll find better weapons and trinkets through questing, and the rest of the stuff scales to 85 already.

    AoE looting:
    I don’t know when it happened, but looting became an AoE ability. Normally, let’s say you mow down a pack of eight mobs. You used to click eight times to loot all the mobs before or after recovering mana & HP. Now clicking once picks up all the loot within 15 feet of the mob that you’re entitled too. It’s a nice quality of life improvement.

    Pandaren Professions fast track:

    Gathering: you can gather from nodes in Pandaria even if you don’t have the required skill level. You’ll earn resources in pieces out of ten that can be assembled into the real deal (ex: 10 ghost iron nuggets make one ghost iron ore). This is a way better method to skill up than scouring the old world because if you’re decked out in heirloom gear you’ll just level too fast to keep pace with nodes’ skill requirements as you go questing (especially if you queue for dungeons). Also, nodes are more plentiful and respawn faster.

    Cooking, Pandaren edition: No need to spend your time scouring the old world for cooking recipes and their respective ingredients. Just save your gold, when you get to the Valley of the Four Winds, talk to Sunjin Ironpaw in Halfhil. She sells recipes and most mats to raise your cooking to an appropriate level and is close by to all the Pandaren cooking masters and Yoon’s farm (which once developed is a renewable source of cooking ingredients).

    Pandaren Fishing: No pole required, you will catch golden carp until you have real skill, but those golden carps are ingredients to power level your cooking to skip over the last three expansions and vanilla so it’s not vendor trash like ‘sickly fish’ or ‘driftwood’.

    Blacksmithing: You can use Ghost Iron to craft useless white training project items (like dinnerware) that allow you to bypass scouring the world for recipes to fill in the gaps that trainers leave you with. Just like cooking, this is an easy access ramp to get your skill “au courant”.

    There are probably others that got this treatment (not engineering, so I wont’ be mounting my flying machine anytime soon), but like I said, I’ve been back for just over a week so there’s still lot’s more to learn.

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