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Warcraft: Quick Su’esh WQ Guide (Life Finds a Way)

September 14th, 2016 by

I’m sure by now, you’ve seen the Suramar World Quest named Life Finds a Way. This is the WQ where you break the dinosaur out and ride it around Suramar eating mobs, awarding Nightfallen reputation. If you run around all willy nilly, this WQ can actually kind of take a long time.

Let me help you out – here’s a location/path you can follow to quickly complete this quest and move on to the next! I’ve listed a couple screenshots below – Hope they help you out!

Suramar, Su'esh quest location

The location of the path you’ll want to loop is 60, 63 in Suramar. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you see a pack of 8 demons together.


This is the area you will be looping through. See below for the optimal rotation.

Optimal Path

  1. Start at 1 – ability #2 > #1 > #1.
  2. Move to 2 – kill Incinerator Evixa w/ ability #3.
  3. Back to 1 – ability #2 > #1 > #1.
  4. Move to 3 – kill Instructor Solag w/ ability #3.
  5. Repeat loop until complete! (Use #4 ability at will, if you’d like, but throws off cooldown alignment)

Hope this helps, folks. It’s trivial, but if you can save a bit of time doing this – it adds up and makes life easier. If you enjoyed this, please be sure to share on social networks or ping me on Twitter and let me know! You’re also welcome to comment here. Thanks guys and gals.

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