WoW Classic: Recommended Addons

Updated for Phase 2 on 11/23/19!

World of Warcraft Classic is an experience we may never encounter again. As such, it’s important you decide what you want from that experience and make choices to support that decision. In this context – we’re talking addons. Whether you’re a a grizzled veteran returning to your glory days in vanilla, or a “Wrath Baby” diving into what you had missed out on, the decision to use addons is an important one.

This guide is my recommendation to creating an experience that feels familiar to the interface and quality of life we have in today’s retail version, while also respecting the classic experience. Please feel free to add or remove any addons from this list you feel don’t match what you are trying to get out of your Classic experience!

Must-have addons:

AtlasLootClassicdungeon / raid loot tables. Comprehensive list of loot tables for all dungeon and raid content. Extremely helpful for targeting gear.

Deadly Boss Modsboss timers. Timers for all dungeon and raid bosses. Also has other extensions you can install for activities like PvP Battlegrounds.

Details!damage meter. Heavily customizable damage meter to help gauge the performance of you and your party or raid.

ElvUI Classicmodern UI overhaul. Rehauls much of the UI into a more sleak, modern design, as well as introduces a lot of QoL functionality.

ElvUI AdiBagsinventory management. ElvUI port of AdiBags, which creates a single window for your inventory and sorts by categories.

GTFOhazard notification. Yells at you when you’re standing in things you shouldn’t be – like fire.

Questiequest helper. Adds quest icons on map for location reference.

Leatrix Mapsworld map overhaul. Cleans up the world map, adding areas of interest and some options to make it more usable.

TomTomcoordinates arrow. Cleans up the world map, adding areas of interest and some options to make it more usable.

WeakAuras 2flexible buff tracking. Well known buff tracker. Leverage for a large selection of community snippets!

Nice-to-have addons:

ClassicCastbarscastbars. Supplement ElvUI’s castbars. I disable the nameplate, but use the target castbar for quick interrupt responses.

GatherMate2map markers for gathering nodes. Adds markers on world map for nodes of gathering professions.

ItemRackgear set manager. Introduces ability to save gear sets via an equipment manager interface.

MaxCamincreased camera zoom. Automatically increases max camera zoom distance, without needing to run a script.

MikScrollingBattleTextcustomizable floating combat text. Adds ability to group and style floating combat text into a much cleaner presentation.

MonkeyQuestenhanced quest log. More functional quest log, customizable styling and grouping. I choose this over ElvUI’s.

Speedy AutoLootefficient looting. Removes the loot window for auto looting and reduces the amount of time it takes to loot items.

TradeSkillMastereconomy/trading. Notable gold-making addon to help you earn gold, as well as other quality of life functions like vendor price.

What’s Training?leveling information. Lists training skills as you level, great for knowing when to head back to town.

Fun-to-have addons:

Calm Down and Gamblein-game gambling. Downtime during raid, or just need to lighten the mood? Gamble with your buds and move some gold around!

Peggle Classicin-game Peggle. Long flight path? Waiting for party member to run to Scarlet Monastery?

TriviaBotin-game trivia chat. Hold a game of trivia with nearby players. Fun to unwind with some buds and do some WoW trivia!

Want to see them in action?

Being that these are the addons I choose to use in my daily play, you can view how I have all of these configured by either coming to hang out on Twitch or Mixer, or checking out screenshots I post on Twitter.

Do you have any addons you especially like that you’d like to see added to this recommendation list? Let me know!

Below I’ve also listed a UI screenshot and previous Twitch VOD, for quick reference. If you have any questions or need help with your UI, don’t hesitate to reach out – I’m glad to help!

UI Screenshot:

Twitch VOD:



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