WildStar: I’m 50, Now What?

Congrats! You’re level 50! Now what? Well if you find yourself asking that question, then this article is for you! Here’s a brief overview of some of the things you can aim for at level 50.

Gearing For PvE

  • Crimson Badlands dailies – for Reputation, Elder Gems and gold!
  • Reputation Vendors – Grimvault/Crimson Badlands for gear upgrades
  • Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden (Normal) – I’d recommend running this normal dungeon maybe once, just to see the instance. The gear drops aren’t great and the instance takes a good while. Your time is better spent in Veteran Adventures, honestly.
  • Veteran PvE Instances – You’ll spend a good amount of time farming Veteran PvE content, as you progress towards being ready for raiding. Not only will you acquire gear from these instances, but you’ll also accrue Elder Gems by gaining Elder Points experience. Elder Gems are used to buy a variety of end game items including attunement keys, gear, etc. I’ve listed the progression of Veteran PvE content you should follow, below
  • Veteran PvE Progression – Veteran Adventures > Veteran Adventures (Gold) > Veteran Dungeons > Veteran Dungeons (Gold).

Genetic Archives Raid Attunement

Genetic Archives is the first 20-man raid in WildStar and if you want to try it, you’re going to really have to work for it. To gain access to this raid, you’ll need to complete a fairly long attunement chain. Below I’ve provided a link to a useful graphic attunement guide by the folks at Enigma.


Are you Dominon? Go eliminate some Exile scum. Do you ride the Exiles train? Go crush some Dommies. There are plenty of PvP options in WildStar, including Battlegrounds, Arenas and Warplots. Dive in and start building your PvP empire!

Other content

  • Level Your Path – Paths in WildStar provide you with some pretty useful perks including utility abilities and cosmetic items. They’re typically a nice change of pace.
  • Work On Your House – The housing system in WildStar is incredible. People have made some really awesome things – you should take the time and just play around with your house. Enjoy the hell out of it.
  • Level Crafting – The crafting system in WildStar is pretty decent, with a unique take on unlocking recipes via a completion tree. Check it out and make some cool stuff. Maybe make some money while the game is still fresh!
  • Level Another Class – Each class has a very different feel. Why not try something different?

Build the community

  • Write guides – Everyone is new to WildStar. Take some time to help build our new community and write some guides! Whether you’re writing about dungeons, how to excel in PvP, or even just what you like/dislike about the game – sharing with the community is one of the best things you can do to help WildStar thrive.
  • Help a lowbie – Friends, family, guildies, random lowbie? Help them! Five minutes of your time could make a large, positive impact on another player and could ultimately keep them playing the game. Help others!
  • Do research – With WildStar being such a new game, there are plenty of areas you can dive into to learn more about. Whether it’s theorycrafting your optimal spec, analyzing parses, or simply learning mechanics of other classes, these are all important things that will help you become more comfortable and knowledgeable about the game.

Looking For A Guild?

We are happy to announce <Crux> is the official WildStar guild of the LagBot Network, a network for games and their gamers. <Crux> is a community-centered guild with a focus on helping each other improve and have a good time playing WildStar. Here, you’ll find players ranging from progression raiders to casual weekend players, all with a goal of building long-lasting relationships and enjoying the hell out of WildStar. Whether you’re into PvE, PvP, crafting or doing laps around main cities – you’re more than welcome to join us playing Exiles on Pago (NA-PvP). Register and toss us a message letting us know you’ll be joining us on our forums at forum.lagbot.org!



Accomp is a Gamer, UX Engineer, and Writer. He’s a PC MMO enthusiast, console gamer, and mobile geek. Whether it’s hardcore raid leading, competitive FPS gameplay, or discovering indie games, he’s got the experience. Join his Discord and follow him on Twitter, Twitch, or YouTube!

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