WildStar: Stormtalon’s Lair Guide

Boss List


  • Bronze = All optional objectives completed
  • Silver = Bronze + completed in under 30 minutes
  • Gold = Silver + All challenges + no deaths

Optional Bosses

Arcanist Breeze-Binder

This boss summons 3x Skyborn Gust mobs on a random player. The group should attempt to interrupt the cast to avoid being overwhelmed. He will also cast [Manifest Cyclone], so just avoid the telegraph and deal with any mobs that get spawned before going back to finishing the boss.

Overseer Drift Catcher

Tank this boss on the flat ground away from the jagged ledge.When he begins to cast to summon Skyborn Gust mobs, interrupt immediately. When he casts [Electro Storm], put your dancing shoes on. This will lay rectangular telegraphs down in bulk – do your best to dodge. If adds are up, while this ability is in play, it’s extremely hard to survive.

Notable Trash

There are 4x trash mobs you need to watch out for in Stormtalon’s Lair – the rest are fairly straightforward and can be treated as a tank & spank.

Thundercall Sentinel + Thundercall Shaman

These mobs always come as a pair and feature a melee Sentinel and a ranged healer Shaman. The tank should grab both, while the party DPS’s the Sentinel, the Shaman will cast a heal on the Sentinel that should be interrupted as soon as possible. If your group is having trouble interrupting, focus on the Shaman first. The Sentinel’s notable attack is a horizontal leap/slam attack that deals heavy damage but is easily avoidable.

Skyborn Tempest

This is a solo mob that often patrols around – be mindful when pulling! Creates a persistent, damaging telegraph under him – so the tank will have to keep moving him. His casted abilitiy is [Manifest Cyclone] which will shoot a tornado in a rectangular telegraph – interrupt if possible but it is a fast cast.

Storm Weaver

The trickiest trash mob, typically a solo pull. He will stun a random party member and channel a heavy damaging telegraph under them. The targeted player should break out as soon as possible, while the rest of the group interrupts the cast.

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