WildStar: Stormtalon Guide

Stormtalon is the third boss in the WildStar dungeon, Stormtalon’s Lair. This guide covers the normal, level 20 difficulty of the encounter.

Boss Strategy

Phase 1

  1. Tank and spank
  2. Melee should stay on the side to avoid frontal attack Chomp
  3. Casts Lightning Strike that will knock targeted players down if hit, often resulting in repeated strikes
  4. Will knock players back and stun them while casting Static Wave, a room wide telegraph that grows inwards towards Stormtalon
  5. Players must run to Stormtalon and interrupt or sustain heavy damage
  6. Casts Lightning Storm, similar to normal targeted strikes but many more of them and damage persists for a few seconds afterwards
  7. At around 60% will switch to phase 2

Phase 2

  1. Same as phase 1 with one new mechanic
  2. Stormtalon will casts Lightning Rod on a random player as he covers the entire room in a persistent telegraph
  3. Only safe zone is focused on that player, party must converge together to avoid damage
  4. While in safe zone, repeated Lightning Strikes will target the focused player
  5. Keep strafing in sync to avoid Lightning Strikes, try not to make sporadic movements if you’re the focused player
  6. Repeat till dead

Quick Recap

  • Phase 1 – Avoid telegraphs, quickly run back to interrupt Static Wave when knocked back
  • Phase 2 – Stay in safe zone, keep moving together to avoid Lightning Strikes

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