WildStar: Ruins of Kel’Voreth Guide

Boss List


  • Bronze = All optional objectives completed
  • Silver =  Bronze + completed in under 40 minutes
  • Gold = Silver + All challenges + no deaths

Optional Bosses

Darkwitch Gurka

Boss casts [Deadly Defilement] to spawn circular telegraphs under each party member. As a result, you’ll be doing a lot of running this fight. Interrupt [Blinding Dark] as soon as possible, as it will expand a giant circular telegraph over the area. Her final ability is to spawn rows of circular telegraphs around her with [Afflicted Soil] – simply avoid this.

Notable Trash

Blood Pit Necromancer

Summons 3x skeleton adds that can be ignored, as they will disappear once the Necromancer dies. Mob will cast [Wail of The Darkwitch] to pull the party into her, followed by multiple circular telegraphs – this should be interrupted as soon as possible.

Enslaved Augmentor + Voreth Mechano Slaver

Augmentor casts [Rejuvenate] on Slaver, which should be interrupted. Slaver has melee telegraphs that should be avoided.

Enslaved Protector + Enslaved Probes

Casts a heavy damage targeted attack called [Exterminate], which should be avoided or interrupted quickly. As soon as the Protector dies, the Probes will self destruct.

Voreth Darkwitch

Casts multiple hexes on party – cleanses and interrupts are critical for this fight. [Impending Doom] targets a random party member and will cause telegraphs to spawn beneath them as they move – should be interrupted. [Rupture] is a large conal knockback that can also be interrupted if your party is able. Otherwise, prioritize [Impending Doom]. Her most important ability is a party-wide debuff that will wipe most groups if allowed to tick for its full duration of 15 seconds – this must be cleansed immediately.

Voreth Beastmaker + Warhound (x2)

Beastmaster should be focused down, as he will toss steak to his hounds, deaggroing them, but causing them to regenerate HP. They can generally be ignored, unless threat is an issue. Beastmaker will repeatedly cast [Pulverize], a circular exploding telegraph that deals moderate damage and knocks back – this should be interrupted.

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