WildStar: Forgemaster Trogun Guide

Forgemaster Trogun is the third boss in the WildStar dungeon, Ruins of Kel’Voreth. This guide covers the normal, level 20 difficulty of the encounter.

Boss Strategy

Phase 1

  1. Boss will cast Exanite Weapon upon pulling, during which Trogun is invulnerable (can still generate resources off him however)
  2. Dodge telegraphs and build resources if possible (Esper/Engineer)

Phase 2

  1. Afterwards, move to tank and spank in middle of area
  2. He will routinely cast Volcanic Strike on the tank, which will do heavy damage if not avoided and spawn a volcano
  3. The main mechanic is Forgemaster’s Call, which will summon a handful of yellow power orbs around him that grant damage buffs to whoever picks them up
  4. As the orbs will move towards Trogun, players should do their best to intercept them gaining the buffs themselves (if more than a few orbs reach the boss, his increased damage will wipe the group).

Phase 3

  1. Trogun will move back to his forge, become invulerable, and cast Exanite Weapon again
  2. This time, Exanite Weapon will spew out razor disks across the whole arena
  3. To avoid, move to the way back of the arena and sprint around the disks that come near you, dodging is not recommended for newcomers

Phase 4

  1. Trogun will continue his earlier rotation, but in addition, Forgemaster’s Call will spew razor disks as well
  2. The DPS should focus on staying alive, while still picking up the power orbs, popping defensive cooldowns to allow the healer to also gather orbs
  3. After the cast finishes, nuke the boss and finish him off

Quick Recap

  • Phase 1 – Avoid telegraphs
  • Phase 2 – Tank should avoid Volcanic Strike, pick up orbs from Forgemaster’s Call
  • Phase 3 – Move to back of arena and manuever around razor disks
  • Phase 4 – Play cautiously, avoid razor disks with Forgemaster’s Call and pickup orbs

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