WildStar: Gear Progression Guide (F2P Edition)

Congrats on level 50 and welcome to the WildStar community! The goal of this guide is to provide you with a quick reference for gear progression in WildStar after you hit level 50. With the introduction of F2P, there will be a lot of new and returning players to the game. Do your best to welcome them, be patient and educate where possible. Hope my guides help along the way!

Gear Progression Path

  1. Renown Gear (ilvl 60) – This is your entry level gear purchased at the Veteran Expedition Reward Vendor in your main city.
  2. Veteran Adventures (ilvl 68/70) – Yield Renown currency. Most people generally skip these in regards to gear progression. Recommended ilvl: 60.
  3. Crafted Gear (ilvl 72+) – There are higher ilvl crafted items, but require raid currency (or a lot of money. The ilvl 72 items are your best bet if you go this route. Some also have imbuements that increase its ilvl.
  4. Veteran Dungeons (ilvl 78/80) –  Yield Glory currency. Recommended ilvl: 68.
  5. World Bosses (ilvl 90) – No lockout, kill as many times as you’d like. Find a large group, get loot.
  6. Genetic Archives (ilvl 96/100) – First raid, requires attunement. Recommended ilvl: 78.
  7. Initiatilization Core Y-83 (ilvl 100/120 ?) – First “Boss in a Box” raid. Normal and Hard modes available. No attunement required. Recommended ilvl: 80/100.
  8. Datascape (ilvl 116/120) – Second raid, requires clearing GA. Recommended ilvl: 96.

While you’re gearing…

Keep in mind, gear isn’t the only thing you should be working towards once you reach max level. You’ll want to begin collecting Amp and Ability upgrades and utilizing Runecrafting to make your character more powerful. These are just as (maybe even more) important than the gear itself and are acquired in a variety of ways. I’d recommend referring to Phix’s Amp/Ability Guide to learn how. You should also be completing contracts and doing dailies for Elder Gems in Crimson Badlands, Northern Wastes, Blighthaven and The Defile.


Props to MRDO ODRM, Phix and Waldo on Entity-1 for helping me get caught up again in the WildStar community. I’ll continue to update and create more guides as I see the need. If you have any recommendations, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Sharing is caring and I’ll see you all on Twitter!



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  1. Manuel says:

    Awesome! I would also mention the Contracts, as they can give to you pretty good Gear too.

  2. Veetus says:

    No mention of PvP gear info?

  3. Gexy says:

    which is the equipment ilvl in the chest of the contract’s final tier?

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