SWTOR: Soa Nightmare Mode Tips



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  1. Healbot says:

    You don’t really go into much detail about the Pylons.

    This always seems to be an issue for people.

  2. wesleycrushers says:

    What hp level do you require to be at? I have a friend that runs with a guild that downs this weekly and he said that the lightning balls hit for 15-17k when handeled correctly. He said he worries when people go to NMM with less than 18.5k health.

    Do you recommend people try and put guard on the lightning ball targets? Force shield?

  3. Accomp Accomp says:

    @Healbot – Unfortunately, the pylons really just take practice for the tank. Camera angle is an issue that will vary per player and Soa can sometimes be a bit finicky as to his pathing. The tank just needs to devote 100% of his attention to moving the boss immediately and blowing his cd if he thinks he’ll be hit by the pylon, which happens sometimes to ensure Soa is struck.

    @Wesleycrushers – Lightning balls in Nightmare mode, when handled correctly, should hit for about 14k without any defensive cooldowns. You will see two damage hits when done correctly – a single tick and the explosion. I 100% recommend always have some form of a defensive cooldown. Whether it is a self-damage reduction spell or a Sage bubble, you should ALWAYS try to have some form of defensive buff up when blowing up a lightning ball. If by some chance you don’t have a cooldown up and a Sage can’t reach you (should never happen), have a medpac ready to pop immediately after blowing it and make sure you are topped off before blowing it up. As long as you are over 17k health, you should be fine.

  4. Maul says:

    Assassins/Shadows can use force shroud on the lightning balls and resist 100% of the damage. The pylons can be tricky because they come in from above but if you have max zoom you should be able to see them. Keep trying until its on farm.GL HF!

  5. Accomp Accomp says:

    @Maul – Yep, good call. Any form of defensive cooldowns you can blow to minimize damage is a plus. And the key to this (every) fight is raid awareness. It’s pretty difficult to be aware when you can’t see everything, so max camera zoom is absolutely a necessity.

  6. Zidjian says:

    If you are trying save time on this operation remember to have a player that has stealth to sneak past the trash mobs after the 1st boss is defeated. Have them sneak all the way to Gharj’s cavern. This will make the speeder appear and save your group some time very useful for getting the Infernal title.

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