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Hey SWTOR folks – it’s been awhile! So after returning to the game a couple times since I had stopped playing after launch (for those of you who remember my old operations guides), I’ve realized the game has definitely been changed a lot by going F2P. There are some things I don’t care for, like gating content, but there are some things that are really great. One of these pleasant surprises was something called Collections.

Preview of the Collections Pane

Preview of the Collections Pane

Now you may have seen a help tip about “Collections” at some point, but those are pretty easy to overlook. Let me simplify it for you – Collections are essentially a means of acquiring items account-wide! I’ll be honest with you – until recently, I didn’t even know this feature existed. I figured Collections was just an achievement-type interface for completionists. However – this is not the case!

How do I use Collections?

  1. Ctrl + C‘ to open the Collections Pane.
  2. Use the categories on the left and the sort on the top-right to find what you’re looking for.
  3. Click the item you want to make account-wide.
  4. Use Cartel Coins to unlock that item account-wide.
  5. Reclaim on the character you’d like to have that item on.
  6. Prosper in the glory of your level 1 Bounty Hunter having an Overlord’s Command Throne!
So shiny

So shiny

What do Collections make account-wide?

Nearly everything! Not only does the Collections pane give you an overview of what you’ve collected in the game, for those completionists out there, but it also allows you to Cartel Coins to unlock those items account-wide. Eligible items include Armor, Weapons, Color Crystals, Vehicles / Mounts, Pets, Toys, Space Equipment, Titles, Emotes, Companion Customizations, Promotional items and Event items.

These are mounts I've collected on my account

These are mounts I’ve collected on my account


With games like Warcraft having account-wide mounts, I was pretty bummed when I didn’t realize this feature actually existed in SWTOR. So, as usual, where there’s a need for a guide – I’ll write it. I hope this helps someone else as much as it helped me. I can’t recall the name of the guildie who pointed this out to me, but props to the Ootini Rage guild, Sith on The Harbinger. They’re part of the OotiniCast podcast and have been very helpful as I begin my re-adventure back into SWTOR, this time as a Bounty Hunter.

Thanks for reading all – if you have any comments, recommendations for future guides or just want to say hello, please do so below or catch me on Twitter!



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