SWTOR: Site Updates and Patch 1.1 Today!

Hi everyone! I’ve made some updates to the site today including the addition of videos for Annhilation Droid XRR-3 Normal Mode, Gharj Normal Mode, and Ancient Pylons Normal Mode. I hope you enjoy them and I plan to provide videos of each encounter at each difficulty in the future. I’ve also updated the PvE Guide with the optimal Gunnery DPS build and rotation. I hope you find it useful and please feel free to recommend any additional content you would find helpful.

On another note, Patch 1.1 releases today! That means four new bosses in Karagga’s Palace, and handful of bug fixes, a new flashpoint, and level 50’s get their own PvP bracket. Today is a giant step in the right direction for Bioware and I’m glad to see they are listening to the community and providing tweaks accordingly. Be sure to review the 1.1 Patch Notes, as well as the additions to the 1.1 Patch Notes.

Update: Official patch notes have been released for 1.1. View them here.



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