Monster Hunter: World – Bandit Mantle Zenny Farm (Jagras)

With the release of Monster Hunter: World, it’s reached an audience far larger than any previous game in the Monster Hunter franchise. With that said, this is my first venture into the franchise as well! As you complete the Low Rank (LR) story and begin venturing into the High Rank (HR) story, you’ll begin needing to really focus on ensuring your armor is upgraded. Upgrading your armor not only costs upgrade tokens, but also costs Zenny (the in-game money). Follow this guide and you’ll have no issues when it comes to an empty purse.

The Bandit Mantle.

You’ve likely heard buzz around the Bandit Mantle. This is a tool you can equip which, when enabled, has a chance to cause the monster you are attacking to drop valuable Trade-In Items upon every attack. You can obtain the Bandit Mantle by completing the 5-star quest, “Redefining The Power Couple”. In this guide, we’ll quickly cover the most efficient way to farm Zenny, but bear in mind this is not the only way, of course – just my preferred method.

  1. Equip a Dual Blade weapon with any Ailment (poison, sleep, paralysis, blast, stun).
  2. Start an Investigation which asks you to hunt a LR Great Jagras (2-star).
  3. Choose Southwest Camp (1) and immediately run into the large open area to the east. Head towards the northern route (you will see honey, then a tunnel).
  4. On the other side, you’ll run into the Great Jagras. Pop your Bandit Mantle and go crazy on him.
  5. Once he’s dead, pick up all the gold Trade-In items before the quest timer ends.
  6. Go to your Item Box, click Sell Items, navigate to the third tab, sort, and sell all the items at the end labeled “Trade-In Item”.

The Results.

With a sample size of 10 Investigations, each took an average of 1 minute, 20 seconds to complete and dropped the following:

  • 8x Chipped Scales (500z each)
  • 5x Large Scales (1,000z each)
  • ~2,000z for Investigation completion
  • For a total of ~11,000 Zenny per Investigation (~3 minutes with load times included)

*Note: LR Jagras also has a small chance to drop a Lustrous Scale (3,000z)*

And that’s really all there is to it. Obviously this becomes a lot easier as your gear progresses and you can ultimately move on to stronger monsters which have a higher chance of dropping more valuable Trade-In Items. But early on in HR, the LR Jagras is such an easy foe and very stationary, that it makes for a great target to just burn quickly with a flurry of Bandit Mantle procs to make it rain gold chunks of Zenny goodness.

I’ve added a video of me following this route below for reference, if there is any confusion. If you found this helpful, toss me a follow on Twitter, Twitch, or YouTube! Cheers dudes – have a good time hunting!

The Video.


In the above video, I am HR14, using the following equipment:

  • Strong Hatches I (Dual Blades, blast element)
  • Full Odogaron (a) Set
  • Fair Wind Charm
  • Bandit Mantle


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