SWTOR: It’s quiet… Too quiet.



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  1. Luthus(Rachel) says:

    Hey, congratulations on the 1.2 Patch entry 🙂

    How’s SWTOR these days?

  2. Accomp Accomp says:

    Thanks – glad we got a chance to test it out, thanks to the Bioware team. Things are going well – back down to a single raid team due to unsubs and whatnot. But core team is still going strong! We’re loving the new content – the new boss mechanics are a blast.

  3. Montee says:

    Just wondering, will new strats be up by thursday?

  4. Accomp Accomp says:

    @Montee – Working on them as we speak! Ran into a couple issues with the videos, so those may not be up right away, but at the very least, you’ll have all story mode strats, hard mode strats for the first two bosses and a couple videos. I’ll try to get those up tonight for everyone.

  5. Montee says:

    Awesome! thanks for the response!

  6. Accomp Accomp says:

    @Montee – No problem, that’s what I’m here for!

  7. adam_louis says:

    If you have some experience with it, could you do an overview of the Trooper Legacy stuff? I’m most interested in learning more about the chapter 3 legacy sticky grenade.

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