SWTOR: Interacting with the Lowbies

We play the game. We get to max level. We raid, pvp, do our dailies and run laps around the Fleet. With the exception of maybe leveling an alt or two, our interactions with the lower level players are pretty slim, considering they’re usually all off on various planets doing their quest chains and we’re on Belsavis, Ilum and Corellia.

So, with this world event on Tatooine, we have kind of a unique opportunity given to us to interact with the lower-level players. There are more than a handful of gaming personalities and play styles, as anyone who has ever played an MMO for an extended period of time can tell you. Personally, I’m not really one for leveling alts – just never really interested me, as I’d rather be playing on my main and continuing to knock out Codex entries or grinding valor. But as I go about my usual schedule – PvE dailies > PvP dailies > Raid, I honestly never really think much about the hundreds of players across various planets who are just scraping the surface of SWTOR.

Now, I like to think I’m a fairly seasoned MMO gamer. So when I pick up a new MMO, I know what to expect. I know I’m going to have to quest and grind xp until I reach the max level, begin building up my gear, pvp and raid. It’s the traditional MMO model and it works, granted there are variances per game – but same idea.

However, what I am asking is for people to begin reaching out to these lower level players. Even if it’s simply answering a question in general chat, making it a pleasant experience for them is something that is honestly priceless. The people leveling now could be people that sustain end-game server population in 2-3 months. Granted, they are not always going to be the most skilled or technical players around – but being a casual player, that’s expected of them. If we can make the effort to tolerate and to assist these players where possible, we can ultimately secure a stronger foundation for the future of the game. It’s also a great way to meet some new, up and coming players.

So basically, all I’m saying is while we’re doing our dailies and enjoying this Rakghoul world event on Tatooine, let’s make a conscious effort to interact with the lower level players in the area. Whether it’s answering a question, tossing them a rez, or helping them kill a quick elite near you, just try to do your part and make the game enjoyable for everyone.



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  1. Mojo says:

    Being a player who’s highest level character is only 38 currently, I appreciate fully your attitude toward us casual players. I wish more people felt the same. I went out and took part in the Tatooine world event, and due to being flagged for PVP I had to put up with about eight or nine level 50 Empire players who were there only to kill the lower level players working on the quest. Not mad or anything, just a matter of outsmarting them with my Smuggler and continuing my quest. Again, thank you for your attitude in dealing with lower level players and maybe it will rub off on others in the future.

  2. Tipakee says:

    As a 50 that whenever I hear a lowbie on a planet call for a gank on the opposing factions higher levels i feel it is my duty to help him. Don’t know if this is truly constructive but I enjoy it:). With that said if I kill a lowbie from the opposing faction on the way, I dont feel bad for taking them out too.

  3. Accomp Accomp says:

    @ Tipakee – Haha, that’s one way to help out I suppose. I don’t think cross-faction killing is really much of an issue. You should expect this if you play on a PvP server. But yeah, if someone on your faction is getting ganked, go help them!

  4. Shiri says:

    Good post! I admittedly mostly group and level up with guildies, but even so there is a great deal of things one can do to help others while passing by. It doesn’t require much effort from you, but tossing a heal for someone near death in a fight, helping them kill something, rezzing, buffing them etc. could really help that person or save their time. I tend to do those things and to my great delight, many others I’ve encountered in SWTOR have done them too. Nice and easy way to make the community a little bit friendlier and the game more enjoyable!

  5. Craft says:

    Being an avid RPer (amongst enjoying other activities in SWTOR) it was certainly fun hauling some lowbies along for world bosses and quests.

    It’s nice to have inclusive events, because no matter what level you are, it’s great to feel you’re part of the galaxy.

  6. kubaba says:

    Love this post! It’s great advise on how to behave in general even outside of gaming. No matter how amazing you are you got where you are with other peoples help. Any oportunity to pay that foward should be siezed.

  7. Burek says:

    This is something more people need to do, I agree. I routinely help random people with their class quests – I think word may have spread as I get tells now 😉

    The one thing I’d say is that it normally costs nothing to be kind to someone, and very little to help them.

  8. Yoshi says:

    Yeaa! Would be nice if all players in SWTOR galaxy share this idea. Did it a lot of times with my main.
    Now when I’m lvling my alts – mostly because of story – it’s great to meet high-lvl people that helping you to end heroics and other group quests. Even if the only thing they get from it are social points. Also lvling alts is easier because you can ask your guild mates. So yes, let’s give the chance to the newest players and show them that SWTOR community is really friendly to the new players.

  9. lynn says:

    I completely agree. Ignoring or even insulting new and up-coming players is a perfect way to steer those players away from the game. Nice write-up.

  10. Volador says:

    I started the dailies last night on my level 23 Sorc (running all over Tatooine at 23 is not fun, fyi). When I got to the site, I ended up having to fight mobs 4 levels higher than me, which makes them pretty resistant. When I got to the Elite mob, I couldn’t handle him. Of course, the level 30 and 40-somethings (from both factions) that were out there were more than happy to lend a hand.

    It seems SWTOR has a much friendlier community than some other MMOs that I’ve played.

  11. NickyDan says:

    Helping people out is good, yes! But I’d like to ask those that get helped – please say thank you :>

    It may be silly or selfish of me, but when I go out of my way to help someone else, if they ignore me I get no warm fuzzies out of it and will be less likely to help anyone else in the near future. But if they take the time to say ‘thanks’ (in whatever manner they please, ‘thx’ works or even a smiley), I’ll be on cloud nine!

    So If someone shows kindness to you, show some back! It will do good for the community~~

  12. adam_louis says:

    On my server this doesn’t seem to be a problem.
    The republic side players almost universally help when asked and always salute or bow to show respect. Compared to my year spent playing wow this is night and day.
    I have heard that empire players are less respectful but as far as republic players go everyone I’ve met has been polite and helpful. Some people are taking your advice.
    I agree that the rakghoul event was a perfect opportunity for this. Judging by how many lowbies were in our ops groups to get the containment officer title I can tell the high levels were looking out for the youngsters.

  13. Telanis says:

    I almost always participate in chat and point people in the right direction, and by and large I’ve also found everyone to be helpful and good-natured. Quite a few people willing to give away items for free, in fact, which surprised me. I haven’t played any other MMOs but the atmosphere of this one is great.

  14. Baraslan says:

    @Craft As a fellow RPer i find that running lower level heroics or missions with my fellow guild mates or others I just meet in pickup RP is really a lot of fun because we do it in character. Sure I tend to kill the XP for individual kills, but the player still gets the XP at the turn in of the mission or heroic plus all the gear that drops (I never take any of it) and because you’re not worried about dying so much because your a lot higher level (on in the case of the one you’re helping – have a higher level plowing through the PvE opposition) you get to focus on just getting to know the character your RPing with and creating a shared experience that can lead to more fun interaction with that player in the future. It’s a win-win!

  15. Freezzo says:

    I find myself traveling to tons of planets every day, just for fun, to explore, to check world bosses, etc. During this time I always poke general chat and say hi to the people on the planet 🙂

  16. Mithras says:

    Having leveled three characters I know how hard it can be to find that group to help clearing the bonus mission heroics on Tatooine, etc.

    I have had much help from guild mates and other friendly souls, and make a point of paying the favor back. It can actually be quite rewarding (and good for ones self confidence) doing lower level missions after getting stomped on by nightmare Soa for a few days. ^^

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