SWTOR: Guild Summit Recap

Patch 1.2 Trailer from the Guild Summit

Today, we saw some absolutely awesome features announced and I think all of us do not think Patch 1.2 can come fast enough. I love how transparent and how personal Bioware was during the Guild Summit conference. This coming year is going to be an exciting one for Bioware and its players. Below, I have listed some of my favorite features announced today. However, you should totally jump over to Darth Hater and check out their comprehensive listing of all items announced during each panel today.

  • Combat logs!
  • New tier’s operation will have a Nightmare Mode with added mechanics, increased difficulty, and exclusive loot
  • Guild banks with guild repair tool
  • Some great legacy system additions
  • Ranked warzone gear has no valor rank requirements and is strictly commendation-based
  • Dual spec and multi spec is in the works, just not ready for 1.2


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  1. Luthus(Rachel) says:

    – Combat logs
    | Pro: In perspective of raiders, it is beneficial to be able to analyze discrete combat information within real time scenarios in order to dissect ‘what is the optimal approach’ towards our ability decision making.
    | Cons: People can become focused on producing the best results for combat logs and dismiss some attention to doing the right thing. Player imbalance due to recognition of weak and strong classes.

    – Harder Nightmare Mode Operations
    | Pro: Challenges are great. More desire to continue to improve in order to reach expectations to complete challenges.
    | Cons: Players arguing content is too hard. Wrath babies.

    – Guild banks with Guild Repair
    | Pro: Great place for storing materials to create Equipment and Consumables, as of current, materials fill cargo bays and inventory heavily, and sent to alts to maintain space. Repairs, probably the introduction of selling BoE drops and adding to the bank to account for the money required for repairs.
    | Cons: –

    – Legacy system additions
    | I want to know what’s in there first :P.

    – Ranked Warzone Gear
    | Could get iffy depending on the gear’s usable conditions and stat difference to regular valor gear.

    – Multi Spec
    | Pro: Don’t have to change different specs for before, during and after raids. Plus change specs for different war zone orientations.
    | Con: Enemies can change their spec to account for war zone orientations. 😛

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