FFXIV: The Sirensong Sea Dungeon Guide

June 26th, 2017 by

The Sirensong Sea is a level 61 dungeon and the first you will encounter as you venture through Stormblood. This dungeon has 3 bosses and awards item level 260 gear.


  • Amorphous Applause – Run out of the AOE.
  • Hydroball – Everyone stack on the boss.
  • Sea Swallows All – Boss pulls you towards it (unavoidable).
  • Concussive Oscillation – Run out of the AoE.
  • Overtow – Boss pushes everyone away (unavoidable).


The Governor

  • Shadowflow – Move to safe area.
  • Bloodburst – Party-wide AOE (unavoidable).
  • Enter Night – Tethers 1 player to boss. Run away to break.
  • Shadow Split – Summons adds that reduce “Shadowflow” safe areas. Run to the biggest gap between adds for a safe area.



  • Virgin Tears – Drops puddles on ground. Move out of them. An outer ring also appears later in the fight.
  • Morbid Advance – Everyone is forced to run forward. Make sure you’re facing in a safe direction (away from puddles).
  • Somber Melody – Party-wide AOE (unavoidable).
  • Morbid Retreat – Everyone is forced to run backward. Make sure your back is facing in a safe direction (away from puddles).
  • Void Water III – Move out of the AOE.

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