FFXIV: Sri Lakshmi Extreme Guide



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2 Responses

  1. murmur95 says:

    Once think i would change is that in phase 3 OT needs to vril.

  2. Raedon (Mateus) says:

    On Phase 3 I would also add using Vril to “The Pall of Light” – stack up (don’t use a Vrill). While this doesn’t affect the tanks as much, a Vril will prevent the bleeding effect that happens from stacking up when she’s in Chanchalla mode. When she transitions into Stortam, with the addition of the bleeding effect, a lot of DPS/Healers die from it. This could be prevented, and less stress on the healer if DPS/Healers us Vril for the stack ups when she is in Chanchalla mode.

    I’ve come to follow this Golden Rule for Vril in Lak extreme, If she has the black flames and she’s casting something that is going to hit/touch you, you need to Vril.

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