FFXIV: Ranked Feast Tips

I’d like to preface this guide with some background about my experience in Ranked Feast. I’ve just started really diving into Feast this season, and have only played as a Tank (all 3 classes). These are some tips I’ve come across through research, found useful during gameplay, and effective in times of pressure in the match. This guide is intended to be very light and isn’t meant to be comprehensive – just simple tips to improve your gameplay.

It’s worth bookmarking PvPaissa, a new resource for FFXIV PvP players, as well as joining the Team Tryhard Discord.

General Tips

  • Keep the scoreboard open at all times. Any enemy above 200 medals should always be the focus target.
  • Use chat macros to communicate initial target for burst damage at beginning of match (and throughout the rest of the match).
  • Use target markers and chat macros to communicate target swaps.
  • If your healer dies, spam “Fall Back!” chat macro and immediately fall back.
  • Tunneling is bad. Pay attention to your team’s location (and the enemy). Don’t get greedy and caught with your pants down.
  • Be smart about collecting medals!
    • Spread out medal collection, don’t front load medals early in the match.
    • Refer to each section for limit on how many medals each role should collect.

DPS Tips

  • Generally, there are two rotations you should understand:
    • Burst – This should be used when your group has staged a focus burst to quickly kill an enemy.
    • Sustain – This should be used to apply pressure to stage a burst, forcing their healer to focus on what you’re attacking.
  • Ranged DPS should take the Defensive Supplies. The only exception is if there is heavy CC pressure on Healer, they may benefit instead.
  • Melee or Ranged DPS can take the Offensive Supplies.
  • Pay very close attention to target markers and chat macros. Missing a target swap by a couple seconds can very easily yield a missed kill and a lost match.
  • Never collect more than 169 medals (1 stack).

Healer Tips

  • The opposing Tank will very likely annoy you. Learn how to create room via CC and become comfortable with kiting. The more time they’re chasing, the less time they’re DPS’ing and CC’ing.
  • Be vocal about low MP. You’ll learn how to manage your MP better with experience, but once you hit 20%, use chat macros to communicate at every 5%. This is when your team should play more defensively (or go balls to the wall to finish the game, depending on where you’re at).
  • Healer should always take the Wolf’s Heart (MP regen).
  • Do not hit boxes (leave for Tanks/DPS to build gauge).
  • Never collect more than 169 medals (1 stack)

Tank Tips

As a Tank, you have 3 jobs. Your first job is to protect your team using your defensive (and sometimes offensive) CDs. Your second job is to stage burst setups for effective focus kills. Your third job is to help your party DPS down an opposing enemy or apply pressure via DPS.

  • Set the opposing Healer as your focus and use a keybind to target focus. This will help you quickly swap to their Healer for opportunistic CC’s.
  • Use your defensive CDs intelligently. If you see a focus on a party member, protect them. Whether it’s a mitigation CD or a stun, you should be there.
  • Burst Setup– This is what separates the okay Tanks from the good Tanks. Learn the timing on when to Stun or Silence the opposing Healer. A well timed CC can yield a quick kill for your team and is the key to victory. Once you CC, you should quickly swap to the focus target and help kill.
  • Peel off your healer if pressure is too much. Sometimes simply CC’ing the enemy DPS gives your healer enough time to create space and lessen the pressure.
  • Save your Limit Break for those moments you can see the other team focusing and your team isn’t prepared to defend.
  • Hit boxes at beginning of match in Shield Oath (more hits on box yields more gauge).
  • Never collect more than 189 medals (2 stacks). Swap to Tank stance after 170 medals (2 stacks). You should collect the first stack of medals.


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