FFXIV: Leveling Guide (DoW/DoM)



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  1. Me says:


    From levels 1-59, you receive +100% additional experience for secondary classes that are lower level than your highest level class. At level 60, this bonus decreases to only 50%

  2. Rhym says:

    Heat of Battle II is 10% XP, the lvl 40 squadron mission reward is 15%.

  3. Nefaras says:

    The thing with PotD is only true if you level your first class to 70. 2nd Class 60-70 gives to most exp.
    51-60 PoD tested with Paladin 2nd class give 540k exp ..its more than a dungeon with daylie bonus.

    • Accomp Accomp says:

      All of the data listed here is with Armory Bonus and the mentioned buffs at levels 51 and 61 respectively, using average times of completion. The goal was to focus on the only real valuable metric: Experience per minute.

  4. Dustin Smith says:

    Armory bonus from 61-70 is 50% not 100% your numbers look right, maybe just a mistake in the write up?

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