FFXIV: Hunt ACT Triggers

Updated for Stormblood 4.05!

Hunts have generally played a large part in FFXIV and as we venture into Stormblood, it would be wise to invest the time. With that said, a HUGE props goes to /u/nakomaru on FFXIV Reddit for creating and sharing these ACT Triggers with the community. Let this post serve simply as a means of documenting the great work he’s done.

These triggers happen when a hunt mob is nearby, it will simply text-to-speech the name and the rank if it’s nearby. If you need help setting up ACT, please refer to Fold’s Comprehensive ACT & Plugin Guide. Refer to Echo’s Hunt Macros for nicely formatted macros avtomatysvyvodom to announce to your linkshells / zone.


  1. Delete any existing Hunt macros you might have.
  2. Download this XML file.
  3. In ACT, go to ‘Options’ > ‘Configuration Import/Export’
  4. Click ‘Import…’ and select the downloaded XML file.


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