FFXIV: How to get Ventures

* Updated for Stormblood – Patch 4.1*

Ventures are a currency used to send your Retainers on missions that yield various items, ranging from materials and gear, to housing items and minions. Utilizing these missions can be extremely profitable, so if you haven’t started leveling your Retainers, check out my guide on optimal retainer leveling.

Optimal Grinding Method for Ventures

The following is my recommended path for grinding Retainer Ventures. Start from #1 and follow down the list. tldr: grind Expert Dungeons, loot as much gear as possible, use Seals for Ventures.

  1. Do you have Beast Tribe currency you don’t need?
    • Go to the corresponding Beast Tribe vendor. Buy Ventures using currency (1 each).
  2. Do you have Company Seals?
    • Go to your Grand Company Quartermaster. Click Private/Corporal tab. Purchase Ventures in the Materiel tab (200 seals each).
  3. Run Expert Dungeons – loot all gear, focus on speed clearing.
  4. Go to your Grand Company Personnel Officer and click Delivery Missions.
    • Trade in the gear you acquired from Expert Dungeons.
    • You now have more Company Seals. Repeat step #2.

All Methods of Acquiring Ventures

  • Beast Tribes – As you complete Beast Tribe daily quests, you will earn Tribal currency for that Beast Tribe. You can use this currency at their corresponding Exchange vendor to purchase Ventures.
  • Grand Company – As you complete tasks for your Grand Company, you will earn Company Seals. This currency can be redeemed for a large variety of items, including Ventures, how to find best online casinos. Once you’ve practiced Command Mission speed runs or have a solid Expert Dungeon group, these come quite quickly.
  • Allied/Centurio Seals – Partaking in active Hunt Linkshells are going to also be an efficient means of acquiring Ventures.
  • Leves ** – Some levequests can yield Ventures as a reward for completion. You can view a listing of these leves here.

Notable Alternatives

  • Utilizing a crafter to Quick Synthesize Expert Delivery turn-ins can be very efficient if you have the right materials (or if they’re super cheap).
  • Participating in Hunts is generally a good thing to do, regardless of Ventures. Find yourself a few active Hunt Linkshells and grind Allied and Centurio Seals to your heart’s content. Use them to purchase Ventures if you don’t need for anything else (there are some things you may want more than Ventures).
  • Poetics – Using tomestones to purchase Shire gear and then turning in via Expert Delivery can be an easy passive way to earn a fair amount of Company Seals, especially if you keep finding yourself at cap and don’t have anything to spend them on.

**: These are not recommended as a means of acquiring Ventures, just a possibility.



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