FFXIV: Daily / Weekly Checklist



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  1. Sir Spammy says:

    Is the UFO Dun Scaith quest you call out repeatable?

  2. Thank you bro, useful information.

  3. Verranicus says:

    Very good article, thanks.

  4. Dustin L Kempcole says:

    Should put in the glamour contest in the gold saucer as well

  5. Derpcules says:

    Don’t forget about the weekly Fashion Report.

  6. Derpcules says:

    Don’t forget the weekly Fashion Report.

  7. Astral Baal says:

    Should 100% add this to a auto resetting tick list if possible.

  8. mochi says:

    there’s one like what you’ve suggested called Questhog – good thing is that it’s free, but it offers a customisable list and etc if you pay iirc

  9. Sippi says:

    You also have the Doman Enclave Reconstruction for the weeklies

  10. V B says:

    Second the inclusion of Doman Enclave Reconstruction (turn 20K of vendor items into up to 40K, depending on progression). Also, quick correction: the weekly Squadron Missions are NOT called Command Missions! Those are infinitely repeatable NPC-supported dungeon runs. The correct in-game term for the weeklies is Priority Missions.

  11. Swaft Belic says:

    Thanks for this, quite helpful. Oh and just to let you know, you have Squadron and Command missions mixed up.

  1. June 22, 2017

    […] you have any questions about how to acquire these Seals, check out my Daily/Weekly Checklist Guide, as I cover Hunts briefly […]

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