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In the world of Eorzea there are three cities in which we adventurers will find ourselves working for: Gridania, Ul’dah, and Limsa Lominsa. These cities are commanded and protected by the three Grand Companies: The Maelstrom of Limsa Lominsa, The Order of the Twin Adder of Gridania, and The Immortal Flames of Ul’dah. While these Grand Companies are strong, they will gladly accept the services of us adventurers.

Joining a Grand Company

Fortunately this is really easy, it’s a part of the main storyline so there is no way you’ll miss out. The series of quests leading up to choosing a Grand Company will begin after completing the Bowl of Embers trial. Now it’s important to note that no matter where you start the game, you can join any of the Grand Companies. You’re not restricted at all, and you’re even able to change which Grand Company you’re operating for. Once you join, the very first quest you receive from them is to accumulate 1000 Grand Company Seals, and purchase your Chocobo Issuance and turn in the quest.

Choosing your Grand Company

For the most part the Grand Companies are the same. As you level up you’ll want to keep up with your rank and spend Seals filling in gaps in your gear. Even at level 50 the gear from the Grand Companies won’t be the best, but it will help you transition from quest gear to the hard-mode dungeon and raid gear. That said, there are differences between the level 50 gear sets of the Grand Companies. For DoW classes The Maelstrom set bonuses have a preference towards Tanks (PLD/WAR), while The Order of the Twin Adder bonuses lean towards DPS. The set bonuses for The Immortal Flames certainly provides better stats for all DoM classes.

Grand Company Seals

Seals are the currency of the Grand Companies. You’re able to use them to purchase items, gear and even increase your rank. Your rank is important to keep up with as it unlocks higher levels of gear and better rewards as well¬† as increase the cap on how many Seals you can have on you. You can keep track of these on the currency tab of the character screen.

Earning the Seals

Earning the Seals is the way you take advantage of all the benefits of a Grand Company and there are many ways to get them.

  • Hunting Log – Joining a Grand Company will add a tab to your Hunting Log, allowing you to earn Seals for fulfilling the requirements of that.
  • FATEs – Once you’ve joined a Grand Company, participating in these dynamic events will yield seals: amount based on your participation.
  • GC Guildleves – Just like general Guildleves, you can get these from Grand Company representatives across the land that will reward Seals based on your performance.
  • Side-quests – There will be side-quests given by the Grand Companies rewarding Seals.
  • Supply Missions – An option to gain Seals through your DoH/L classes, the Grand Companies will reward you for turning in raw materials and crafted items.
  • Escort Missions – A group event unlocked once you reach Private 3rd Class, you must protect a supply caravan from attackers. You must keep the caravan on time and unharmed to earn maximum Seals.


Grand Companies, while not required, will be a great way to keep your gear current and at its best. With so many options for gaining Seals you’ll even be able to do almost anything you want to gain them, while also feeling like it’s not another terrible grind.¬† I know which Grand Company I’ll be providing my skills to, which one will you pledge your allegiance to?



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    I’d just like to send a quick “Thank you” to SINisterWyvern for being our first guest post writer for accomp.me. This is the type of information that is invaluable to the community and it’s much appreciated – Great job!

  2. Revoo says:

    Nice article =) Do you have any source on Grand Company choice gearwise?

  3. Kidney Carver -Cactaur says:

    Choco liscense 2000 seals now, also don’t complete the my fiesty chocobo quest with a full inventory its bugged and you will have to wait for a patch to get your chocobo.

  4. Vuxxy says:

    How to change your Grand Company (Video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2-5RFNZG88

  1. August 23, 2013

    […] you level up. In addition to class hunting logs, there are also specific hunting logs based on the Grand Company you choose to support. The hunting log UI is very clean and easy to follow and is a one stop […]

  2. August 23, 2013

    […] you level up. In addition to class hunting logs, there are also specific hunting logs based on the Grand Company you choose to support. The hunting log UI is very clean and easy to follow and is a one stop […]

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