SWTOR: Jarg and Sorno Guide

Recommended Group Composition

  • 2x Tanks
  • 2x Healers
  • 4x DPS

Notable Mechanics

  • Sorno is a healer and needs to be interrupted.
  • Tank will be cc’d by a droid that needs to be promptly killed.
  • Sorno also jumps onto the platform above and fires rockets, shown as a purple circle on the ground.
  • Jarg does a fire spin during the fight, pulling people in and doing AOE damage to nearby.
  • Once one is dead, the other enrages.

Normal Strategy

  • Assign a tank to each; However, you can solo tank this in normal mode if need be.
  • DPS Sorno to 15%, then switch to Jarg. The idea is to kill them at the same time, as one receives an enrage buff when the other dies.
  • Sorno heals throughout the fight and must be interrupted, sometimes twice in a row. He should have an assigned interrupter the whole fight.
  • Sorno will also jump to the platform above and start firing rockets to the ground, which will be shown as purple circles on the ground – Don’t stand in these. You can also DPS Jarg while Sorno is in this phase, then switch back once he lands.
  • At a point during the fight, a droid will spawn and cc one of the tanks – DPS the droid immediately. Keep an eye on who the stray boss mob is hitting, if the other tank does not pick him up.
  • Jarg will also begin spinning in the middle of the room, pulling people into a fire AOE. If pulled in, run out immediately. Ranged DPS on Jarg only during this phase.

Hard Mode Strategy

  • Same strategy as Normal Mode.
  • Use two tanks, making sure the tank on Sorno is interrupting heals for the duration of the encounter.

Nightmare Mode Strategy

  • Coming soon.

Commando Tips

  • This fight is pretty basic for ranged. Just keep an eye on the purple circles and watch the HP of each boss.

5-second Recap

  • DPS Sorno to 15% > DPS Jarg to 5% > Kill at the same time.
  • Interrupt Sorno’s heals throughout the entire encounter.
  • DPS the droid when he spawns.
  • Don’t stand in purple circles on the ground.
  • If pulled into fire AOE while Jarg is spinning, get out.


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  1. NickyDan says:

    My guild just dpses them at the same time and roughly the same rate. Probably doesn’t matter if you dps them at the same time, or dps one almost down and then the other, so long as they die at the same time ish though *shrug*.

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