SWTOR: Infernal Council Guide

Recommended Group Composition

  • 2x Tanks
  • 2x Healers
  • 4x DPS

Notable Mechanics

  • Each person is assigned to a council member.
  • Each person must solo their council member.
  • Players can only help each other once every 10 seconds.

Normal Strategy

  • Tanks should be assigned to Juggernauts, as they decrease your armor rating.
  • Healers should be assigned to Assassins, as they put up a DoT that needs to be healed through.
  • DPS should be assigned to Marauders, as they don’t hit very hard and have large health pools.
  • Burn your cooldowns early and DPS your little heart away.
  • When you’ve killed your assigned target, find who is struggling the most with their assignment.
  • When helping another player, you can only cast one ability per minute, as you receive a 1-minute second debuff after casting it that does not allow you to assist any longer. Make sure you are using your hardest hitting ability to help beat the enrage timer, or a large heal to a player dropping low.

Hard Mode Strategy

  • Same strategy as normal.

Nightmare Mode Strategy

  • Same strategy as normal.

Commando Tips

  • Burn cooldowns early, but save Tech Override for an instant heal if you need it.

5-second Recap

  • Tank > Juggernaut
  • Healer > Assassin
  • DPS > Marauder
  • Burn cooldowns early
  • Use hardest hitting/healing ability when assisting others


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5 Responses

  1. Zidjian says:

    Also it may be confusing for some when you are picking out units for your Operations group to solo. Make sure to look at the white text when you mouse over their portrait. Ignore the green name and focus on the white text this way you cannot make a mistake as to what each one is.

  2. NickyDan says:

    It’s worth noting that the debuff doesn’t just stop you from assisting other players, it prevents you from doing any damage or healing to anyone including yourself. So if you accidentally hit someone else’s mob or heal someone before your own mob is dead, bad times! Your mob will keep hurting you and you won’t be able to hurt it or heal yourself.

    One thing that almost got me killed as a healer: if you’ve been healing yourself with aoe heals, and people start coming over to help you down your boss, stop aoe healing haha!
    Hopefully in the future I will be super pro and not need help downing my boss, but until then, this is a lesson I will keep in mind ;3

  3. sami says:

    what gear do you guys recommend for the whole operation?

  4. Krindel says:

    And an interesting note… If you are 7-maning the operation, the “leftover” council member will just sit and wait till someone attacks him.

  5. Krindel says:

    And another note… Using stealth will get you the 1 minute debuff for some reason. Not sure if it is a bug, but it was a major source of confusion for us at our first run.

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