SWTOR: Colonel Vorgath Guide

Recommended Group Composition

  • 1x Tank
  • 2x Healers
  • 5x DPS

Notable Mechanics

  • Minesweeper 101
  • One player handles the tower controls, clearing a path for the rest of the raid across the minefield. This is usually a tank, to ensure as much DPS is on the ground as possible.
  • The minefield is a grid, 4 squares wide. Stepping on green squares is okay. Stepping on anything else is not.
  • Player in tower can click tiles on his panel, showing if they are green or red.
  • An add will spawn in the tower throughout the encounter.
  • Turrets shoot the raid while progressing across the minefield – heal through, ignore the turrets.
  • Disarm turrets panel at the end of the minefield.
  • Engage boss after crossing minefield, turrets spawn a couple times during boss encounter.
  • During last phase, boss targets a player and focuses them. They also have to avoid red circles.

Normal Strategy

  • One player takes the tower, usually a tank. The rest of the operation is on the ground level.
  • Player in tower should use the panel in the tower to check squares on the mine field to see if there is a mine on each square. The point is to create a path of clean (green) squares across the minefield, so the operation can engage the boss.
  • Adds will spawn as the group progresses across the minefield – DPS them down.
  • When red squares block the path forward, the player in tower can holocall to the ground level and search for a stealthed demolition droid.
    • Demolition Droid will provide a random player with the ability to disarm a mine when it dies.
    • This should be immediately DPS’d down, so the group can continue to progress across the minefield.
    • The player in the tower can mark a red square as yellow, allowing ONLY that targeted person to enter the square and disable it. Once disabled, it will turn green and the group can progress.
  • Rinse and repeat that process until the group reaches the end, at which point the player in the tower can join them and engage the boss.
    • There is a panel to the right of the path up to the boss that allows you to disable the turrets along the perimeter of the minefield – Don’t forget about triggering this.
  • The boss is pretty much a tank and spank and will spawn four turrets when you engage him. CC these turrets and just burn the boss. Kill the turrets once he’s dead.
    • He will focus a player in the raid randomly – they will need to not stand in red circles and probably get some considerable healing.

Hard Mode Strategy

  • Imperial Assassin Droids that spawn will walk slowly towards the group. These blow up when they reach the group and kill everyone. DPS these down immediately.
  • The Demolition Droid will cast a knockback ability. This should be interrupted – You’ll have to alternate interrupts, as it happens fairly often.

Nightmare Mode Strategy

  • Coming Soon.

5-second Recap

  • Person in tower is responsible for clearing a path across the mine field. Holocall down if red squares block the path.
  • Raid should ignore turrets and kill adds as they spawn – Demolition Droid is top priority.
  • [Hard Mode] Interrupt Demolition Droid’s knockback ability.
  • Once the Demolition Droid is killed, player in tower should trigger a red square to turn it yellow. Person targeted to disarm should disarm the yellow.
  • Disarm turrets at the end, engage boss.
  • CC turrets > burn boss > kill turrets.

Video from Tower perspective

Since there have been various requests to add this video, one of our tanks, Moonstriker, was nice enough to let us add this to Trooper Commando. You can check out his blog, here. This video shows the strategy for the person doing the tower controls – Thanks Moonstriker!

Items noted with * have still yet to be 100% confirmed as accurate.



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9 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    For your hard mode run, is there anything special the defuser has to do? On our runs, our defuser keep getting interrupted or the defusal fails. Customer support says its working as intended but we can’t figure out what’s happening.

    So after the mine turns yellow, the defuser just runs in and right clicks it, right?

  2. Accomp Accomp says:

    @ Mike – that’s correct. It’s possible that maybe the adds that spawn are aggro’d onto the diffuser and any form of damage interrupts it? I haven’t actually been the defuser – but that would be my guess. I will try to confirm this tonight, but I had not seen any issues with defusing the mine so far. I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if I come across anything. Try to get it on video next time you attempt it and I can take a look – maybe a fresh pair of eyes will help spot the problem.

  3. MacAllen says:

    No special agro, just need to keep stuff off of him, and yes, if he’s hit, he’s interrupted. Adds quite a bit of stress to the fight 🙂

  4. Accomp Accomp says:

    @ MacAllen – Awesome, thanks.

    @ Mike – So yeah, just make sure you have your ranged DPS grabbing aggro on the adds. Seems to work well for us, as we haven’t actually had the defuse interrupt issue yet.

  5. Mike says:

    @MacAllen is it only the assassin droids and troopers that interrupt? Because there’s no wary to stop the turret damage right?

  6. Wickedr says:

    Something that really helped us out due to the RNG of uncovering green squares was to start with two people in the tower. This way while the tank was Holocalled down the second person could continue uncovering unexplored squares.

  7. Deuce says:

    Even on hard mode, we had our defuser get targeted and attacked, even have assassination droids blow up on them and it does not interrupt the cast time. We’ve never had that issue. The only cast that gets interrupted is the cast to holocall down from the tower

  8. BadVolt says:

    Guys, when fighting big droid, tell your healers to dispell grenade, droid casts on his target, will be much easer to heal )

  9. NickyDan says:

    For anyone not already aware: Minesweeper title granted for this encounter, either mode~ Though, it doesn’t seem to be given for everyone in the group. Not sure what triggers the title grant exactly.

    I highly recommend the person that goes in the tower watch a pov video first (thank you for providing one!). Ours didn’t. Bad times.

    I find it funny how little this fight is like minesweeper. I mean, sure, there’s mines, and they’re in a grid, but beyond that they’re not too terribly similar imho.

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