SWTOR: Ancient Pylons Guide

Recommended Group Composition

  • 2x Tanks
  • 2x Healers
  • 4x DPS

Notable Mechanics

  • Puzzle-type encounter requiring each side to match up each row of emblems on their pylon by rotating the center emblem using the left and right node controls at each pylon.
  • Both sides must complete a row before the other can move on to the next row.
  • There are two pylons, each requiring a group of 4x players.
  • No actual boss, just waves of adds.
  • Adds may cast Force Barrier – adds a yellow shield to them that reflects damage

Normal Strategy

  • Clear a path to each pylon, leaving the last set of trash up, next to each pylon terminal.
  • Have each side figure out the solution to their puzzle and write it down, prior to beginning the encounter. This will involve looking at each tier, starting from the bottom, and figuring out how many turns in what direction is required to match up the emblems. Note: each side will have a different solution.
  • The order in which the emblems are laid out is as follows:
    • Blue – Green – Red – Purple – White – Yellow
  • Assign a single person on each side to be in charge of rotating the pylon.
  • Once both sides have completed matching the color of the row, the next row is unlocked.
  • Adds will cast Force Barrier at times, which will reflect damage back at you – interrupt this.
  • Match all four tiers and you win.

Hard Mode Strategy

  • Player rotating the pylon gains a debuff, not allowing them to click for a period of time. Just have two people alternate clicking on each side.
  • 2x elite adds spawn, rather than one.
  • There is a known bug in this encounter. Just make sure the Southern puzzle is solved before the first to avoid this bug.

Commando Tips

  • If 2x elite adds spawn, CC one to help out if needed.
  • Else, nuke.

5-second Recap

  1. Write down the solution to your side’s puzzle prior to engaging the encounter.
  2. Follow the solution.
  3. Kill the adds.


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  1. NickyDan says:

    There’s a lot of ancient pylon puzzle solvers floating around the net now, makes it easy for lazy people (read:me!) to solve the puzzle without thinking~

    From the 1.2 patch notes, the following changes have been made to this encounter:

    -The Ancient Pylons puzzle has been reworked to improve reliability. The wheels no longer lock automatically when solved. Players must use the “Confirmation Console” to confirm their symbol selection.

    -An “Emergency Reset” button has been added to the Ancient Pylons encounter.

    Hopefully these changes cleared up some of the bugginess! I haven’t had a chance to run EV since 1.2, so I’m wondering: If one of the wheels starts pre-solved as they would occasionally do pre 1.2, can you now just click the “Confirmation Console” without having to turn the wheel all the way around?

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